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The teaching could be a bit better they could focus a little more on students learning abilities and the different way students learn whether it be visually or physically hands on. Aside from that its pretty alright bullying isn't really a problem and if there is a situation its taken care of discretely and quickly.
The teachers at Nowata Public Schools care about their students and will do anything to guide us towards success. I am proud of our school, teachers, and fellow classmates because they all work together to achieve our goals.
The school is not the best. We transfer there because of the cheer team, but after being on the team my daughter was bullied, which the coach was aware of. That coach 10 year program can to a end after the first year and a different coach came in to where the bullying got even worse because her daughter and her friends were on the team. My daughter finished the year with the team, but didnt try out the next 2 yrs.
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My experience at Nowata High School was not the best. My change would be the teacher and the environment that the school projects.
Nowata is the best school i have been too by far and i have been to many schools! The best thing about this school is the teachers no matter what don't give up on you they always push you to do your best and they are there for you through thick and thin and they are always helpful!
At nowata i like the student to staff ratios. It is very easy to get assistance with assignments and such. A couple of things I would like to change is maybe get jello cups for lunches, liven up the veriety. Possibly even get a better email system for parents.
Nowata Public School has some of the best teachers any school could have. They have a new superintendent who is doing an excellent job. They have renovated their facilities and now have a beautiful new multi-purpose gymnasium.
I think overall it was a good experience. If you ever have any questions, there is always faculty there eagerly helping you with any situation. I like how teachers care about their students and how they will do anything to guide them to be successful. I would love to see more police patrolling the halls for the safety of the students.
This school is like most in the area, with a hard working staff. Unfortunately there aren't many activities for students and is mainly dominated by sports. Budget cuts lost the theatre program and are threatening the music program.
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