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Novi Community School District Reviews

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I really like the Novi Community School District because there are so many amazing teachers, extracurricular activities, and opportunities. There are a lot of AP and IB classes that students can take as well to challenge themselves.
The early childhood education center called the police on me saying I smelled like marijuana the day after I disagreed with my sons IEP meeting.
The truth is, Novi sucks! People say it’s diverse but is it really? The people are judgmental, the teachers don’t teach. I have honestly liked two teachers my whole time here. As a result, most my teachers were rude, never responded to emails, never taught. It sucked, high school sucks, but novi can take the cown. Can’t name a single person that goes here that isn’t rude, judge mental or absolutely impossible to be around. I’m not the “it’s diverse” person. Im serious.
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My family and I have lived out here for about 11 years and all together it is a good school district with occasional things here and there that just tick me off, especially with my brother. I think teachers should be more suited to deal with kids with ADHD and learning problems such as these instead of putting it all back on the kid.
The Novi Community School District is a diverse and unified learning community. As the environment is very competitive, it often pushes one to be the best version of themselves. The teachers are very forthcoming and supportive. As for administration, it is often difficult to feel connected to them which is something that definitely needs improvement. There are a plethora of extracurricular and sports options at the high school and middle school. Overall, the academic rigor, extracurricular opportunities, and unity of the school is something that makes this school district one of the best.
Novi Community School District serves me in all of the ways I would hope for. The teachers and staff are not only kind, but it is clear that they have the students' best interests at mind and ultimately hope for your success.
Great school district for kids to grow up in. Really help to prepare students for college and all staff and students are supportive of eachother
As a sophomore I am only still getting used to the inner workings of Novi High school. So far everything has gone very well. The courses and the teachers are intriguing and there is a lot to offer. The entire district is very diverse and everyone is very welcoming to all walks of life. Novi High School has many classes to offer for any kind of interest you may have from engineering to any performing art class. This prepares students very well for getting them to start thinking and begin to prepare them for college.
I would like to see the pressure of taking hard classes and being extremely academic go down. But on the other hand, this school prepares students for the difficult college experience so that academic pressure may have benefits.
Novi school district is very good school district. I have two kids go to schools here. They went througth all schools from kindgarden to high school. I am very satisfied all of them.
My daughter had best all-round school experience. It gets high-schoolers ready for college. Created best environment for kids to succeed.
Novi Community School District is a great place to go to school but it helps if you know early on that it is a very competitive school district. There will be stress and there has to be the desire to push yourself, but if you can come to terms with those two things then you will thrive at Novi.
great district, novi community schools set me up very well to do great in college, and i am very greatful for this
Novi School District is very complicated. 50% of it is absolutely terrible while the other half is great. I have formed bonds with teachers that I will have forever and I have had other teachers that ruined my outlook on certain subject because of how they were with students like myself.
Novi is a great school, they just need more diversity. It would be great if they had more clubs specifically for African American students. The school could also do more to celebrate the achievements of a wider variety of students, instead of just celebrating students who have already been celebrated, this is sadly what they do.
I believe that the Novi Community School District prepared me for higher education. However I think that it does not create a healthy environment in terms of the competitiveness of students and the subsequent stress that students feel to be and do better then their peers.

Novi Community School District does provide a variety of advance programs and a variety of extra-curriculars. The amount of sports, clubs and volunteer opportunities available to students at Novi is crazy.
I absolutely love Orchard Hills, Village Oaks & Novi Meadows. All the teachers are so full of energy (most all) they have all been so caring and helpful. My daughter is in advanced classes and they were very on top of watching and matching students abilities. I love how the 5th Graders are in one house, then 6th, then 7 &8th. There is such a big difference in those ages and it’s great to take steps allowing them to grown up.
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Novi Community School District gives great education to all students. The teachers there are exceptional in all schools. Novi Woods especially has great teachers and the best principal for grades kindergarten through fourth grade.
Novi Community School District has excellent schools and teachers. A few of the schools have won the Blue Ribbon Award for best schools. They provide very good education for children pre-school to 12th grade. The schools are very diverse and have lots of different cultures.
Several academically challenging courses, lots of extracurricular activities to participate in, good teachers, offers both AP and IB programs.
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