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Novi Community School District Reviews

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Novi school district is very good school district. I have two kids go to schools here. They went througth all schools from kindgarden to high school. I am very satisfied all of them.
My daughter had best all-round school experience. It gets high-schoolers ready for college. Created best environment for kids to succeed.
Novi Community School District is a great place to go to school but it helps if you know early on that it is a very competitive school district. There will be stress and there has to be the desire to push yourself, but if you can come to terms with those two things then you will thrive at Novi.
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great district, novi community schools set me up very well to do great in college, and i am very greatful for this
Novi School District is very complicated. 50% of it is absolutely terrible while the other half is great. I have formed bonds with teachers that I will have forever and I have had other teachers that ruined my outlook on certain subject because of how they were with students like myself.
Novi is a great school, they just need more diversity. It would be great if they had more clubs specifically for African American students. The school could also do more to celebrate the achievements of a wider variety of students, instead of just celebrating students who have already been celebrated, this is sadly what they do.
I believe that the Novi Community School District prepared me for higher education. However I think that it does not create a healthy environment in terms of the competitiveness of students and the subsequent stress that students feel to be and do better then their peers.

Novi Community School District does provide a variety of advance programs and a variety of extra-curriculars. The amount of sports, clubs and volunteer opportunities available to students at Novi is crazy.
I absolutely love Orchard Hills, Village Oaks & Novi Meadows. All the teachers are so full of energy (most all) they have all been so caring and helpful. My daughter is in advanced classes and they were very on top of watching and matching students abilities. I love how the 5th Graders are in one house, then 6th, then 7 &8th. There is such a big difference in those ages and it’s great to take steps allowing them to grown up.
Novi Community School District gives great education to all students. The teachers there are exceptional in all schools. Novi Woods especially has great teachers and the best principal for grades kindergarten through fourth grade.
Novi Community School District has excellent schools and teachers. A few of the schools have won the Blue Ribbon Award for best schools. They provide very good education for children pre-school to 12th grade. The schools are very diverse and have lots of different cultures.
Several academically challenging courses, lots of extracurricular activities to participate in, good teachers, offers both AP and IB programs.
Very nice and all staff is attentive. They help me on all levels. I believe all kids can thrive here. It’s very diverse. I love to learn. School is fun and I’ve met a lot of new people and I believe that all teachers and students work together in order to have a better learning environment which is very important and there are good athletics in good academics in the school district is very good and there are a lot of kids with that is OK they’re coming out well for all the kids because there are a lot of kids at all age levels and as a matter fact I found this better because it’s more like a college campus and it is very good to have all the kids because they all help each other grow and learn and academics
What I liked most about the Novi Community District was how involved they were. The Novi Community District cares about their students a lot and is always trying to improve the standards of education and comfort at the schools. All the money that is raised goes back to benefiting the school district with new developments being made. However, a change I'd like to see is the rigorous competition that forces cheating to be a common occurrence and path to success. Four years later and not much changed in that area which makes it difficult when college decisions time rolls around.
Novi High School was great in helping students with life after college. However it lacked diversity.
Novi had a challenging curriculum that allows students to prepare for the future of college classes. The pace may be rigorous for some but overall makes a very prepared student.
I moved here specifically for my daughter to go to Novi schools and because when researching the crime in the city it was what I was looking for and where I wanted to raise her. Now that she's all grown up and done in the school system I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. My home has kept its value and made excellent equity through my 17 years I've been here. It continues to be a great safe community with a lot of places to go and eat and shop. There are always up days on the city news, they have a fantastic library and it's just overall kept up. The parents keep each other well informed at the schools. Sports are plenty. Novi schools DO NOT have outside school of choice which I personally love!! You must pay your taxes to use our schools and they stay on top of that!! If you're considering buying a new home check out Novi, remember to keep the schools in mind and visit them. You won't believe them!
I loved a lot of my high school and elementary teachers. In between they were not so great. The food progressively got worse through the years. I loved the amount of choices we had in high school to further our experience with our own interests. We had a lot of freedom with what classes we took, and a lot of opportunities to learn things we really wanted to. Injuries in sports are swept under the rug and never taken care of properly. The drama department is wonderful and the arts are outstanding.
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Amazing, people are well prepared for life through the school system, and is one of the best in the world. The opportunity is remarkable, and the city is blessed
Novi Community School District was an essential tool in helping me to achieve my academic goals. It is because of the education I received there that I am able to embark on the journey of becoming an exceedingly competent health care professional.
I think Novi did a very good job at preparing me and other students for college. The academics are equivalent to a private school. And they hire very good teachers to educate us. I thought because I went to Novi, college didn't seem as hard for me as it did for others.
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