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Not only did I attend elementary school and middle school in Novato, but I also attended high school. The Novato unified school district has some of the most caring, hardworking, and mindful teachers and staff. They overall pushed me and molded me into the person I am today. NUSD ensures that students are successful, learn core values for life, and are prepared for what college has to offer. NUSD is an amazing school district that has served as not only an education promoting institution but as an institution that promotes students being citizens of their local area. They are able to do so through community service requirements which serve to direct students to be active community members.
I like that the school has MSA, but it lacks a lot of classes that are offered at the surrounding schools, such as Marin Catholic.
I have been at the Novato Unified District since elementary school, now that I am a senior I have realized that there's nothing like it. The teachers that I have had go above and beyond to assist you! The academics are great as well, although I would have liked to have a wide variety of science classes to pick from. Overall, every campus that I have attended are very diversity with a friendly atmosphere!
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Novato Unified School district is very average. Many student say the schools sucks and are not very good. The teachers are great, they care about their students an make sure everything is good.
Later start time is very nice. Overall a majority of the teachers seem to enjoy their jobs and are willing to assist you in your learning journey. I will say they put a huge focus on traditional colleges and don’t offer insight into trade schools and other options for the future.
It is a good district most of the schools are good. The only thing I would improve or change would be the way teachers teach. The new curriculum makes it hard for most students too learn. As common core is suppose to have students learn on their own with critical thinking.
My experience with Novato Unified has been overall a good one. I feel that I have been adequately challenged and given the ability to work hard, build study skills, and become more independent as a student. The teachers I have had have been, for the most part, very involved and passionate about the subjects they are teaching, as well as willing to help their students. The one thing I wish would change was parent involvement in relation to fundraising. There have been many events where parents are given the opportunity to donate money or volunteer with our school, but I tend to see the same people every time. I wish there was a larger diversity of parents that was willing to contribute, because with their money, students could have better technology, resources, and equipment to help them thrive.
Novato high school is not the best school, but it sure used to be. A lot of the teachers that were there were replaced with not very good ones and the bad teachers were replaced with okay teachers. The food there is not as good as it could be but as long as I'm getting things done, there's really no use in complaining.
I like the school spirit seen at schools, but I do not appreciate the lack of respectable language teachers.
Elementary and middle school were great!! Highschool they changed everything each year. Once students finally got the hang of new rules, they'd abruptly change them. The teachers have a very high turnover rate. It's very common to have a teacher for a year and then they will leave.
My experience at NUSD has been average. I say this because throughout my time at NUSD I have had good and bad experiences. Grades K-5 were very good. Good teachers, good resources. Middle School and high school, however have been very poor. The teachers and administration don't seem to care and I have heard of many graduates not being prepared for college from their San Marin High education.
I like Novato High because of the teachers and the music program. I believe Novato High has a potential to be an amazing school.
As an out-of-county student, I was nervous going to a school where I knew no one. Novato High School (a part of NUSD) was a great place for me because I was welcomed by students and teachers alike! Whenever I had problems with classwork or subjects, teachers were more than happy to help me. I have a lot of great friends there, some being teachers. Being a part of Marin School of the Arts, which is a part of NHS, was another great experience because it exposed me to different artistic areas in ways other high schools couldn't.
All three of my children attended NUSD schools from kindergarten through high school. While my children have very different interests and personalities, they always found their niche at school. There would be a teacher they could connect with or an activity, such as sports, music, and art that became their special interest. There is a special place for every student. Parent involvement is impressive and the commitment of families to their students and their schools is one of our greatest assets. NUSD is working hard to keep up with the demands of providing technology to students.
Throughout my time in the Novato Unified School District, I enjoyed schools that were both supportive of their students and academically rigorous. The schools in this district were always pushing their students to get into the best colleges and to reach their highest potential.
As a student in Novato High school I find the facilities adequate and most of my teachers to be extraordinary. From art to government I really can't say I've disliked school or my teachers. Very compassionate and caring, which is awesome because they really want you to succeed in life and just become something great of yourself. I'm leaving my high school this year and going onto bigger things and I can honestly say I'm going to miss it a tad bit.
The staff genuinely cares about their students. The only problem I've encountered are the lack of variety in the classes available.
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I went to Novato schools from elementary school through high school. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at all three schools I attended. Academically, I found the coursework to be challenging but not overly difficult. All assignments require effort and attention, but if you put both of those things in, success will come of it. The teachers were pretty good, depending on what levels of classes you are taking. My elementary and middle school teachers were better than my high school teachers though. There are endless options for clubs, activities, and sports in high school; all at no cost so it is easy for anybody to join. Now that I am in college, I can see that I have been set up for success through my schooling experiences.
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