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Nottoway County Public Schools Reviews

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Nottoway High School is very diverse. It’s Academically the best school district. It is super clean and neat. The janitors do a very good job at keeping it tidy. The teachers for the most part are good at teaching. The staff is very up to date on security and keeping us safe. We have a lot of safety rules and tips to do in case of an emergency. I would recommend this school to anyone in the VA area. You will not regret being here or allowing your kids to go here, as me myself enjoy being here and learning. Going to Nottoway High School has been such a great experience physically and mentally, i wouldn’t trade it for any other high school
Nottoway High School is a very plain, almost uninteresting school. It’s an average school at best—but it could be even better depending on how you wish to handle the experience.
I’ve gone to Nottoway Public Schools for all of my life; never once have i thought that any other school district had it better off. Nottoway continually succeeded in bettering me as a person and as a scholar. I have been involved in athletics since middle school and i can say that every coach that i have had has done everything they can to prepare us for life and for college.
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As a good student, Nottoway is a fairly good school district. When you put in the work, you will succeed. If you do slack off though, they make it hard to pull it together and get back on track.
Nottoway public schools has the has great facilities ,and great teachers .teachers are willing to help the students when they need help
Nottoway has been my home for as long as I can remember and I would not want to be anywhere else. Nottoway does need some improvements. Rules need to be clearly stated and there needs to be better communication between the students and the teachers.
Nottoway teachers have lots of different teaching styles. This is a good thing for students that learn differently. However, I do not feel that all the teachers here work their hardest for their kids to succeed. The food here is terrible. Most of the time, kids that sit around me at lunch do not eat for one of two reasons: the food does not taste edible or there was too many kids before them and they did not get a chance to eat. The staff here makes me feel safe and most of the students can become more like family over time.
Nottoway High School is a great school to attend to . The teachers and staff at this school are all about giving each and everyone of their students an education. The one thing I would change is the work load and also the grading scale
Nottoway County Public Schools care for their students. Each student is given individual help if needed.
Elementary school teachers were great, willing to work closely with students. Starting in 7th grade you could join marching band, color guard and winterguard.
Nottoway County Public Schools help prepare students for what's to come in the future. Some teachers take you under their wing and help you to succeed.
Loved the small county schools. Loved how everyone knew each other. Would like to see more activities to bring the school together.
I like the location and the faculty and staff. I did not like the food, facilities, or the very limited resources that the students receive.
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