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I love the teachers in the Norwood School District! All of my old teachers, all the way to elementary school, remember me. The teachers at Norwood are also very caring; I feel as if the teachers go above and beyond when it comes to looking out for the students. The only thing I would like to see a change in is the student participation - students at Norwood don't seem to have any school spirit.
Norwood High School has been an amazing school to be a part of. This school genuinely works to provide students with great resources and an amazing education. The administration works to ensure that students are provided with the resources that they need and they also accept student feedback. The sports have declined over the last four years that I have been in high school however. I feel that the school will work to resolve this problem. Overall, Norwood Public School is a great school to attend and represent!
I liked all of the community involvement and community outreach I experienced. I would change the amount of focus on athletics and more to academics.
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Norwood Public school is an average school, but it has a few problems. The school is too small to have the proper resources to help students. They have outdated textbooks and untrained teachers that don't know what they're doing. They also cannot give students the specialized education they need because of the schools size.
Norwood High School is a very small school that isn't well known outside of its region. I've been a student there since second grade and have found the school to be very special in its own way. Students take care of each other and are very tight knit. Unfortunately the academics are nothing special and teachers have been disappearing rapidly the last few years. Hopefully some stability will be achieved soon.
My experience in Norwood Public Schools is a good one. I like how there isn't a bunch of students to where the class is huge. I think it is important for students and teachers to interact and the teacher should be able to talk to everyone and make sure that they understand what they are being taught.
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