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Norwood Public Schools Reviews

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I loved Norwood High school. It was a great community and a great place to learn.I always felt safe and always had a chance to thrive.The sports teams were ok. It is a great place.
I have been a part of the Norwood Public Schools system since kindergarten and have had an overall good experience. At the high school, there is a lack of school spirit and spirit assemblies tend to not be looked forward to. Our sports program is rather poor; however, baseball, field hockey, softball, and hockey do excel. As for the arts, our school is fantastic and regularly wins regional titles for chorus and band.
Norwood Public Schools were very good to me. The teachers for the most part are always willing to help out a student, and want you to succeed. The schools offer a variety of different clubs for everyone, and give the option to even create your own club. Athletics are very weak for the district, but the arts are extremely prestigious.
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This school does a great job with teaching the correct curriculum but when it comes to preparing for college is where the school needs a little work.
Norwood High School made my goals possible. I have an IEP and have struggles throughout my school years. The teachers at Norwood High have been unbelievable. With their help I have been able to fight through challenges and back into a classroom from spending many years in the resource room. Thank you Norwood High School!
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