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Norwood-Norfolk Central School District Reviews

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Curriculum not challenging
Disgusting food, very small meals
Few interesting clubs
Some teachers don't teach much at all, leaving students unprepared for finals
This is a small community school where everyone knows each other. The faculty, staff and students all live within the three towns that creat this school. If Your not involved in sports there are plenty of clubs to keep you busy.
I love the school a lot and they have done an amazing job at making the school look better and feel better. The clubs are amazing and all of the kids that are in sports love it. All of the teacher are nice and welcoming. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
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I loved attending Norwood Norfolk Central, I had caring teachers and a great group of kids I went to school with. They had me prepared for my college classes that I am doing better in then I ever did in high school mandated classes. I biggest thing I think they should do is find scholarships available to all students not the majority of the scholarships going to the top 10.
I just graduated Norwood Norfolk last June and I loved all of the teachers and how great they were at preparing me to succeed in college. Because of their high expectations I have been able to make the Dean's list and also work while being a full time college student.
The school was a joy to attend everyday. I looked forward to seeing my teacher and other faculty! The academic platforms are very strong and the preparation for high school and even college is unbelievable. I would recommend this school to anyone!
The teachers are friendly and get to know you by name. If you need help they will stay after and help until you understand. The overall structure is sound and the building is getting improvements.
Norwood Norfolk Central School has been a good experience. This school is continually helping to improve college readiness by their new vocabulary thing. The vocabulary thing is where you learn two new vocab words a week, and all teachers are supposed to use them in class. The school is writing intensive, makes every subject to have a writing assignment for their class. The school's academics are good. Most students score well on the Regents. We are allowed to choose from a good amount of college credit classes to help enrich our education. My school, is very good with lots of clubs and activities. There is no problem of allowing students to create a club that they find interesting. My school, is safe most of the time, besides in the winter, the sidewalk and parking lots can become really slippery from the ice. However, the main and important areas, I believe are academics, teachers, college readiness, and clubs and activities, my school passes expectations.
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