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This is an amazing school district in terms of many things from student resources to staff members. All of the staff are very helpful in preparing students for their future in whatever they choose. They open students eyes to opportunities beyond the path of college and will help with wherever your path leads. Norwood has an amazing group called GearUp that helps students with everything from scholarships, FAFSA, ACT/SAT, finding the right school/ career, and even on campus housing and job applications. I highly recommend this school district to anyone looking for a safe, resourced, community-driven and structured education.
I've been in this high school since my freshmen year, I'm in my senior year now. I've had some bad experiences at this schools as well as some good ones. My freshmen year wasn't the best but I wouldn't say it was entirely the schools fault they hired this new teacher who wasn't the best, ended up getting fired and we just had multiple teachers that year and I felt I didn't really learn much from that class . My school does try offering a lot of things to us like giving us a wavier for taking the act as well as waiver applications for college. They also encourage us with college and help us apply and have been getting us ready for our future since freshmen year.
In my school, there is luckily not too much bullying to LGBT+ youth and it's very welcoming in that aspect. The teachers are generally there to help you.
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I like the social experience and exposure to the mind overall i enjoyed the company I had during my four years attending Norwood City Schools
I have been here all my life and we have the best teachers. Everyone cares about your progress through all of your grades. If I ever needed help, someone was there for me or would help me find someone to take care of my needs.
Norwood has help me through many challenges. I got involved in tennis and bowling. I join the National Society and Avenues of Success. Avenues of Success is an after school program and I join the clubs since eight grade.
I am a junior in NHS. I have such respect to the teachers I've had, because I've had some of the best teachers. I love the variety of classes we're offered, and the amount of after school activities we have available. But the food is awful; it can look like puke on a tray. The school has a '0 tolerance' for bullying, yet it's here every single day. We offer many sports, but the funding and care is skewed towards football and basketball. Our male swim team was undefeated, went to state in the '16-'17 school year, but there was nothing said to congratulate them. The bathrooms are covered in graffiti, don't have doors that close/lock.. Many of the rooms are windowless. Also: the faculty beyond teachers. Many of the faculty, such as the principal, and some of the after school club employees seem to have little care about the students' well being. Overall, I don't enjoy going here, and I can't wait to get out. But I have to respect the good things it's done for me.
My experience in the Norwood City School District has been underwhelmingly average. The highs of the school I go to are the after school programs and the help the guidance counselors supply. This school district has the most options of extra curricular activities to chose from I've ever seen. I've participated in clubs and the leaders seemed involved and happy to teach, while guidance counselors at this school have been the biggest help to me when it came to my school schedule and keeping my gpa on track. The lows are the amount of class choices and the involvement of teachers in your study. The amount of classes to pick from is severely lacking, to the point where I had to enroll in an online program through the school to complete some. I also feel like the class sizes are too big for the teachers to help everyone in class and that it's easy to fall behind.
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