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The teachers were all very helpful and encouraging. The school is very clean and welcoming. The students and staff were all very friendly. The extracurricular activities were abundant and I enjoyed the various art classes and sports offered.
Leaders care to much about standardized test scores and not enough about individual students. For the most part students and teachers are cliquey however there are some really good teachers. Very good athletic programs but put to much value on football and soccer.
I liked the teachers and most of the classes but it could have used some work in the communication department when trying to implicate new programs and activities.
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Norwin School District was a very academically striving school with a dedicated staff that encourage students to strive for success. The curriculum was challenging in the best way and the variety of courses allowed students to achieve a well-rounded education. The sports programs were extremely dedicated to teaching discipline, hard work, and dedication. Numerous clubs of all different kinds were provided and available for students to get involved. The facilities provided to students were also extremely well kept, updated, and welcoming. Overall, I feel so lucky to have grown up and graduated from Norwin School District, because it gave me so much opportunity for success and for understanding the true value of a quality education.
I really love how challenging my classes are. Taking honors and AP classes have really been helpful in pushing me in preparation for college. The teachers have been super helpful each year with making sure I understand the material we’re covering and making sure that if I need help I get it. Tutoring and counseling is always available. I also love how many clubs and activities there are outside of class, I participate in many different things like Spanish club, peer mentor and buddy club, and a mental health positivity club. However, I don’t like how the school handles some issues, for example, a transgender person had to use the nurses bathroom because they didn’t want to deal with it. I feel like the school could work on being open to change and meeting criteria and options for all types of students. Overall though my time at norwin has been splendid.
The overall teaching environment of Norwin School District is excellent. Every student is given the necessary resources to excel in academics. Such as, a varying number of study hall opportunities. With the being said, I would love to see a change in their technological advancements. For example, possibly providing a personal electronic for each of the students in junior high and high school. This would guarantee digital accessibility among the children.
Being a senior, I hated that my time in high school got cut short. It broke my heart to hear that I wouldn't be able to step foot back in the high school, play another inning for my varsity softball team, or see some of my friends ever again. I have realized that I took my high school experience for granted. There are so many more things that I wish I would've done: tried a new sport, joined a new club, hung out with different people. Though it was cut short, I loved my time at Norwin High School. I had the privilege of working in the main office as a student secretary my senior year which allowed me to be involved in many different things. I was able to decorate the school, show my school spirit, and work there for two periods a day, giving me plenty of time to do schoolwork.
My time at Norwin was so incredibly special, and I honestly wouldn't trade it for the world. The memories I created and the bonds and friendships that were created are unforgettable - I wouldn't change a thing.
Now I am an extreme introvert so socially wise I didn't experience a lot. However learning wise there was a lot to it. There weren't a lot of options of AP courses , however, when you took them there was a lot to learn from them and it was pretty interesting.
I liked everything about Norwin. All the teachers and faculty are great people to help us with school work, and other things. The other classmates I had were also very encouraging and supportive with everyone's decisions.
I have enjoyed my years at Norwin School District. The teachers are very helpful and are there for you when needed. The only thing I would change would be to have a better selection of electives in the high school. I felt like my senior year was filled with classed that are not going to help me with my future career. There are too many electives right now focusing on technology and science.
It was okay. We felt that the school tried to pass it off as if there were never any issues in the school and ignored students' concerns, but it wasn't terrible.
Norwin is a great school with many activities and electives catering to any future a student would want to pursue. There are many clubs and opportunities run by very skilled staff.
I felt like every year of high school just got worse. More rules I felt like were put in place. The school overall was average. I was constantly stressed my senior year since they wouldn’t let me drive to school and I worked everyday. They don’t care about anything but their repetition of their school. It was a nice building and campus, and i’m glad I got the opportunity to go there, just way too many regulations.
I love everything over the years Norwin has provided me with a top education over my four years their. Norwin has prepared me for my future and I know wherever I go I am proud to say not only will I be a Norwin graduate,but Norwin has sucessfully prepared me to be a productive member of our society.
I liked the environment of Norwin School District. I went there for all 13 years of education. I am pleased with the education I have received from there.
I was apart of the Norwin High School Band, this was my favorite part of high school. The friendships and memories made during my time with the band will last me a lifetime.
Norwin teachers truly care about their students. They prepare students to be successful in any field after high school.
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Norwin has a team of amazing teachers and administrators who deeply care about the success of all students.
Norwin has an amazing staff of STEM and Arts teachers that are absolutely devoted to helping students succeed both in and outside of high school. The AP teachers are especially wonderful and go out of their way to put students first no matter what.
Going to school at Norwin has been an incredible experience! Being blessed with an excellent education here has well prepared me for the future. Not only have I found academic success over my years, I have made great friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!
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