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I was apart of the Norwin High School Band, this was my favorite part of high school. The friendships and memories made during my time with the band will last me a lifetime.
Norwin teachers truly care about their students. They prepare students to be successful in any field after high school.
Norwin has a team of amazing teachers and administrators who deeply care about the success of all students.
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Norwin has an amazing staff of STEM and Arts teachers that are absolutely devoted to helping students succeed both in and outside of high school. The AP teachers are especially wonderful and go out of their way to put students first no matter what.
Going to school at Norwin has been an incredible experience! Being blessed with an excellent education here has well prepared me for the future. Not only have I found academic success over my years, I have made great friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!
Norwin High School is by far one of my best blessing as a young adult. They prepare you for the future while also giving you the freedom and responsibility that you deserve, being a young adult. The teachers demand the best from you and make sure that you are focused on the right things. Priorities are something I have yet to learn about until i entered Norwin High School. It didn't take me long to learn to prioritize what is mot important. These few reasons are just a small reason as to why I rate Norwin High School five out of five stars.
It’s a very tight knit community that breaks the stigma of cliques and allows anyone to become friends.
Norwin offered an exceptional education, and prepared many students for college and life. The high school offered a variety of clubs and classes for a student population with different aspirations. Students could take additional classes to focus on engineering, science, arts, business, financing, and others in order to gain an interest that could be continued in college.
Norwin School District has engaging teachers and safe environments, however there is very low diversity.
I loved my time at Norwin High School. The district is extremely well run and everything goes smoothly. There's really nothing that I would've changed about it from the actual school side. I could've done a little better, but that was my fault for my first year and a half. After that, I had no problem with anything school wise. I highly recommend the Norwin School District
The academics, specifically the honors and advanced placement courses, are rigorous and enriching. The only issue is that the school board and administration are highly conservative, which is common in this area. The result is a slight emphasis on faith and morals that some may find uncomforting.
I had a great experience at Norwin! The teachers and staff were very friendly and helpful. I really liked how many classes were offered at my school. I also enjoyed watching how well all of the sports teams were. Norwin High School is a very safe place, and I felt the "zero-tolerance" policy was very strong. I feel nothing needs to change at Norwin.
I enjoy many of the teachers that I have encountered with due to many of the advanced courses. I am proud of the fact that our school is an AP district honor roll school for a few years in a row; however, I do not believe the atmosphere is always friendly. Many things, I believe, could be improved if many of the higher-ups could gain a better understanding of the student body itself. Overall, the education I gain from many of my classes makes up for some of the things I have to endure in the hallways.
As a former student of a neighboring school district, I can only say good things about Norwin. That area is continuously growing and expanding with offerings that are on the same level or even better than that of larger areas.
My experience with Norwin has been a positive journey. There have been some low moments, but most of my education there has been high quality and my relationships with my peers have flourished over the years. The teachers are very welcoming and able to adapt to any problem you would have in the classroom, and this has helped me in my especially tough classes, and you can always go to them for help. Because of this, I believe I am prepared for my post secondary education.
I thought it was a pretty good school district. I wouldn't say it was outstanding, but my overall experience was good. I loved that there were so many different classes that you could take or clubs that you could join. There's something for everyone.
My daughter has gone to Norwin k-12. She had been able to take advanced classes and be a performer. She is more than ready for her next step, college (pre-law). Presence, Pride, and Artistry, Norwin Knights.
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Norwin has so many opportunities from sports, to clubs, to class choice. You can discover yourself and find what your passions are with this variety. Norwin prides itself in not only academic achievement, but also character of their students. One thing that could be improved however, is the fact that there should be more appreciation and recognition towards the arts and academic teams. Also, some sports teams that do really well get overshadowed by the more popular sports. Some students don't even know that all these opportunities exist. All in all this school prepares you for college and allows you to get experience that a lot of schools can't provide.
While I appreciate my teachers and the safety precautions our school takes, I do feel limited in several opportunities. As far as I know, seniors are not permitted to leave school early for shadowing purposes. If this is a possibility, it is not advertised. While we have possibilities for AP and college in high school credits, there are no direct courses offered for specific majors. We are forced to take electives that by the time senior year comes around are generally not extremely beneficial to our futures instead of going out and exploring the field of study that interests us. That being said, the teachers and faculty are wonderful and I feel care about our success. We have many choices for clubs and activities. I do feel safe here and feel comfortable with our community.
While I had several great teachers in my time here who were willing to help me, and truly wished for me to succeed, I also had a lot of bad ones. There were multiple occasions where I went to a teacher after school and they told me they could not help me because they had done all they could in class and that if I did not understand that was my fault. I was also told I could not participate in athletics because I wanted to play musical instruments as well.
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