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More college prep and information is needed. This must begin in the middle school. Also, language courses must start in the primary school
We need to be more accepting across many fields. People with mental illness should be accepted. Music and art kids should be treated with the same respect and honor as the athletes. Personally, I am top of the class and in all advanced classes, but that does not mean I'm blind to the fact that people who are not as book smart as me tend to me treated more poorly. Bullying should not be tolerated. We also need more resources. For example, our school counselors barely do anything. They most definately do not help you prepare for college, as I know from personal experience. And they do not help you with your serious problems either (depression, anxiety, etc.). They are simply there to discipline the problem children and it is not right.
Norwich tends to have a lot of behavioral issues. Along with rules not being informed like they should, such as dress code. Also there are a lot of issues from outside of schools that tend to come in such as issues in the home. I also think we need more social workers we have 1 for approximately 1050 student when national stats say 1:250 ratio.
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I enjoyed Norwich because it is a close community and I was able to make so many friends. I enjoyed learning their and I hope to learn more throughout my senior year.
The teachers are usually very helpful, the sports are competitive, and all the students get to use chrome books in the classroom for studying. However, the atmosphere is filled with existential reality, marijuana use is secretly very common, and the school lunches are usually stale.
There are AP classes available which is nice. That being said most students don’t take advantage of them and the academic achievement of the school as a whole is poor. There are nice clubs and the facilities are fine, but there is almost nothing substantial in place for safety. While most of the doors are locked and there is a police officer there occasionally that isn’t enough to offer protection
I would definitely recommend this school it is a lot more better than my old school that was sherburne school district,
I've had a great time at Norwich High School. Academically I have always felt prepared for the future by our AP courses, and in the field of sports I have had a chance to excel physically.
My time at Norwich High School was quite enjoyable. Academically I flourished. The small class sizes guaranteed that each student could connect to their respective teachers on a personal level, allowing for a better environment in which to learn. This level of comfort with the staff meant that I was never afraid of asking for assistance or additional explanation when I was struggling. The facilities, considering the size of the high school, were impeccable. The only potential issue was the occasional lack of funding for new equipment for less popular sports, whoever, this could easily be fixed with improved fundraising for those sports. The school itself, in my opinion, is one that does not require any change. The staff I interacted with were wonderful, the friendships I made are friendships that continue to this day.
The school is focused more on getting masses of people to pass instead of challenging academically inclined students. Due to this grades are incredibly inflated and the students who do take their more challenging classes are not appropriately recognized for their efforts.
I loved the school spirit so many of my peers and I shared. The music department was outstanding as well as the Honors English corriculum. I would like to see the business department improved upon.
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