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Being involved in the Norwayne Local School District while I was in high school was such a pleasure. Every Friday night the community would get together and support our football team. The support I had while playing football and soccer was amazing. I never doubted that I didn't have support from the school and the local community.
Hello, I am going to be graduating from Norwayne this year and would like to express my feelings for this school. It is defiantly top of the line when it come to the staff. The teachers are always more than happy to help students whenever they can whether it be for academics or with personal issues. The students are also very welcoming and have a special bond, always coming together for those who need it. We have lost three major students at our school, two to cancer and one to a car accident. The whole school rallied for those people and supported the friends and family of those individuals. Taking care of each other is very important to the staff and students along with the community.
I definitely enjoyed getting my education at Norwayne Local SD. The academics and athletics are amazing. My only problem was some of the social issues that happened while I was in school.
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I would like to see a change in how the school deals with bulling. as a former student I hated walking into the school because I knew that I was going to get bullied and even after telling many teachers nothing was done to help me or any of the other students there.
All of the Teachers at Norwayne are very helpful and smart they are patient and take their time with students who do not understand the concepts. It a place where many friends can be made and lots of laughter can be heard. We have great food for lunches and the curriculum is often fun to learn. I have gone to Norwayne my whole life and the community there is truly something that all kids should experience.
Norwayne has great teachers, top to bottom along with a great athletic program. I loved my experience at Norwayne, as everyone was very accepting and it was easy to make friends. Ten out of ten would recommend this school district.
My experience was decent at the school, I was involved in the agricultural department at the school and throughout my career in it there were a lot of bumpy roads that probably could have been avoided but the school was not the worst. I enjoyed my time there
My time at Norwayne was fun and a great experience. I was involved in many different activities that rounded my character. In addition, I had really great friends that were a lot of fun and kept me on the correct path. Finally, I participated in various sports that taught me life lessons, but also helped me along the way. Everything at Norwayne prepared me for college.
I absolutely love my school. Although were small, there are really a ton of diverse people who make up the small community that we love and share. What I always loved about Norwayne is that everyone is so welcoming and no matter who you are, you're going to feel loved and welcomed. As far as what I'd change, maybe there could be more of an open mindset in ideas of students for the school. But overall, my appreciation for my school is great.
Grace Spacagna
Norwayne was the place where I grew up. The small and country school is calm and quite. Norwayne is also very good at athletics. One change I would like to see would be more classes to take. To get an advantage for college.
I love the fact that Norwayne is such a welcoming school, with a ton to offer. It may be small, but Norwayne has been rated excellent in the Ohio schools ratings for 7 plus years, and there's a reason for this. Norwayne wants students to learn and be successful, so as a school it has gone to any measure to help a student out. Not only this, but everyone is very hospitable and happy to help as a community. Overall, I have enjoyed my time as a student at Norwayne.
A very highly rated school district. This is a small school district, so the teachers care about you and your success. Everyone knows everyone, so it is a very tight knit community.
I went to school here from Kindergarten thru graduation. Great community full of people that care about the students in this district. It is a tight-knit community, without question.
The teachers are great and very helpful. The only problems in the school are: the communication between the staff and the dress code is not restrictive enough.
I have enjoyed the past three years I have attended Norwayne. I transferred from a much bigger school where I did not thrive in my academics due to the little personal contact I had with my teachers. At Norwayne, I was able to connect with both staff and students and my academics accelerated.
At Norwayne Local School there are teachers that can help students with any needs they have. They are always open to help students and want to see them succeed.
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