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Norway-Vulcan Area Schools Reviews

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Overall, the school is a pretty good school that I enjoyed attending all throughout my high school and grade school career. The staff and facilities are both very good, but improvements could be made. Some of the staff teach excellently while others prefer to slack off. The athletic facilities are kept looking in peak condition while the art and music department are lacking care due to less involvement. Even if the art and music department has some nice facilities, it still is lacking involvement in all areas. The school does focus on tough academic studies that will prepare a student for college, and even are offering a couple college courses through a local college to students. Being that it’s located in a small area the school isn’t very diverse but does get a lot of support from the community.
I like Norway Vulcan area schools because they always put their students first. The teachers are always looking for opportunities to make our school better not only for them but for the students. The student body is very active throughout school and out in our community.
Norway is a great school and offers great academics. The teachers go out of their way to make sure each student understands the criteria and help the students who don’t fully understand it. Since Norway is a small school, it offers students more of a one on one basis with the teacher. Norway is excellent.
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The teachers are what make this school awesome to attend. I was involved in many extracurriculars because my teachers were outstanding and inspired me to be my best and strive for the top.
A very informative experience; the only thing I would suggest improvement on is reminders for deadlines.
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