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I was an out of district student, who had the ability to attend a high school in the Norwalk school district. I thoroughly enjoyed my opportunity to study at a Norwalk high school. The teachers that met along the way were all extremely helpful, and I never had a bad experience with any of them. Besides the academic stand point, the other departments are amazing. I was a part of the music department at my high school, and it was an amazing opportunity for me to branch out and learn new skills. I discovered my talent and love for singing. I especially loved the teachers that helped me within the music department. I have made friendships with both students and teachers that have left me with wonderful memories of my high school years.
The school district is average in comparison to the overall state. Other surrounding areas like Darien and Westport have far more superior facilities and academics. Norwalk is fine but anyone looking for a better education is more likely to send their kids to a private school in the area, whether elementary, middle, or high school. Overall, the school district needs work because its academics are not the best and its facilities are outdated. For a CT school, it is average and right with the other school districts in the county.
Every single teacher I have had since kindergarten wanted to see me grow and progress. I have started Norwalk High with some of the highest goals of a student and I continue to pursue those goals through the help and advice of my teachers.
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I really like how diverse my high school is. Seeing peers and how different we are and how we all make it work. My school is one out of two high schools in my city and has about 1800 kids. We are also the most diverse school in CT and I’m glad I’m a part of that.
One thing I would like to see is small groups within our school to bring these different kids closer so that each person brings something different, culture, ethic background, demographics to the group.
I loved the diversity that Norwalk has to offer. Only thing I would say could be added would be more parks and recreations so the kids and students in the area have more things to do to stay active and excel in the community
NPS is dope and everyone who was considering sending their students to private school or not Norwalk public schools is crazy
I had a great experience with the Norwalk School District. My teachers and administration in the schools that I attended school were excellent and very caring. I had many opportunities to grow as a student and succeed in every aspect of my education. The Norwalk School District has a great sports program which I participated in and enjoyed very much. Also, my school offered many clubs to join and help the community.
The Norwalk school district is known for having great test scores and amazing students. I would like to see an improvement in how the district deals with the school environment in terms of how it looks and is treated.
The Norwalk School district is a very safe and protected community. The administration goes out of their way to make sure strict rules and protocol are enforced to ensure the safety of all students. Although students are safe, not all students received the best education possible (in my opinion). Most of my grades in school were at the mercy of the educator. My personal experience with the math department as Norwalk High School was not a good one. I received straight A's my senior year except for one class, Pre-Calculus in which I received a D, and brought my entire GPA down to a 2.9. Had I been placed with a different teacher things might have gone differently for me.
The Norwalk public school system is adequate while it seems not everything is smooth sailing. The resourses werent always there and some of the facilities were missing doors and locks. Not the best look.
Norwalk High School was amazing for me the Band program and the Arts are the best. The teachers are always there to help. Band has made me a better person. Time management has gotten better, my grades are great. The friends I made I know I will always stay in touch with.
Norwalk is a diverse community which is great in terms of my own education. There were also many opportunities afforded to me.
I enjoy attending public school in Norwalk Connecticut. The staff and faculty is constantly inspiring, and is always offering help if needed. If I were to alter one thing about the Norwalk Public School District, it would be the the schedule. There are four 90 minute class periods each day, which can often tend to become boring, sitting in a classroom for such a long period of time. However, if the schedule was altered back to seven 45 minute class periods, then school may be more enjoyable for students like me.
The elementary schools are small and like neighborhood schools, which provides a good base for confidence and education for younger students. The teachers work very hard to provide a good education. In middle school and high school, where there is more student independence, there are also more student issues. I think like any middle and high school where the kids are a little tougher, you have certain teachers that don't want to put more effort in. Personally that was not an issue for me, but I did come across a few teachers that were not working as hard as they could have been. Overall, some classes were fabulous and some were not, basically you get out what you put in.
Norwalk public schools is awful when it comes to bullying. They say they have a zero tolerance for bullying but when you report bullying they don't do anything about it. The teachers are very intelligent and helpful.
Overall it is a good school but their are still some problems. While there are some amazing teachers at the school, some teacher don’t teach a lot and basically let you easily pass the course without doing any work.
I went to Norwalk High School, I got the help I needed form my counselor and she was always aware of what was going on with my attendance and grades , she helped me with my personal problems and helped me a lot throughout the school year, most of the teachers were great ! classes were organized and the school system was good , safety was good , friendly security guards and teachers.
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okay place with okay school environment. the building was first built as a prison, thus jokes are still passed around the environment being contend with what it used to be. only the guidance counselors and the librarian care about the students. the school and the whole district is going through budget cuts that are cutting many programs and stopping helpful programs to be even created.
Has good afternoon school programs to get involved in. Could be updated technology wise, mostly the library needs to be updated. Most of the teachers are really dedicated to their jobs.
The Norwalk Public School District is not as bad as other school districts. There are some very good teachers that care about their students, but there are some teachers that are just there for the paycheck. There are clubs for anything you can think of at the high schools. The majority of the sports teams are good. Norwalk is a very diverse place, so the schools are very diverse as well. The bathrooms at the high schools are very dirty, and appear as if they are not cleaned regularly.
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