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Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District Reviews

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My experience at NLMUSD was great I like my school that I went too. I got my diploma with honors and we’ll always thank my school and district.
It is a pretty decent school district but it also lacks many resources and a lot of schools seem like they arent cared for and the staff is just there to get paid. Some teachers did make you feel like they cared but others did not.
The district had some of the most amazing teachers I’ve had. All teachers were very kind towards me and made sure I understood everything they taught.
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The Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District is excellent. Of course, there could be room for improvement. One would be better food options, though students eventually get used to the taste. The teaching staff have either perfect teaching methods or are very hard to understand. It was rare that I ever stumbled upon a teacher who was hard to understand, but I have encountered them. It is the right mix of students though there is a large percentage of students coming from Hispanic descent. It's a school district with good people that I have met over the years, both of the staff and students.
My experience has been great but sometimes it is overcrowded because people tend to just keep coming. But you do get good teacher support.
The school board is nicely balanced and representative of its population. Optimal and passionate work done.
The teachers need to be more organized and actually teach. There’s only a few that really get their lessons across and other just make you copy a slideshow. Other than that the school
Is a safe environment with very good sports teams.
The district is terrible. full of lazy people who are not driven to help the community nor the students. this makes me sad and really wonder what school means to me. I hope that one day things will change for the best.
Norwalk is a school filled with different diversities. I have been well educated in this high school and most of my teachers have been a great help and have been great.
Norwalk has been my home for almost all my life, I love how it is filled with incredible people and how people are so united here in this city.
From 4th Grade to 12th i swim very fast & easy. More achieved, Rewarded with encouraged, i knows now what i can and be in my future.

I am very proud to be enrolled in with very happy & healthy way of getting your elementary, Middle & High School.

Deven Bhakta.
Most honors and AP teaches are great but the counselors could be better. Class sizes are around 35 students which and the campus is small but easy to navigate and understand.
I really enjoyed going to norwalk, the small campus made I easy to get to know almost everybody. You are allowed to be yourself and show your talents. I really enjoyed our athletic programs ;however, I do wish our school spent more money on their athletics as some of the conditions on the field and in the court is not okay. On the bright side I enjoyed all the friends I made and all the teachers I’ve learned from.
The staff is very kind and helpful but one thing i find annoying is that they let bullying slide away
What I like about my school district is that it allows me to join in class and opportunities that some other schools or districts cannot provide for their students. Therefore, having the privilege to be in many AP classes and clubs and not be questioned on why seems to be allowing my to be independent and involved in my school. Although there are tiny thought in my head about how high school is about to over and I won’t have to see half the people that go to my school, it really has pushed my boundaries and expectations I see for myself.
The school district was in the process of changing in the schedule. Many students and parents tried to fight the change, however the district did not listen. The district had very little involvement with the school. However the teachers were always involved. You would see teachers at fundraisers and rallies or sports games.
Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District has many good programs that help students excel academically. They also have very good sports programs for those students who are interested. This district also helps students prepare for college and make sure they have a chance at working toward any career path students want to pursue.
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The schools give great support to the students and value the education importance for the community.
The school has great opportunities for taking AP classes, clubs, and pathways. There are great teachers and faculty.
Some of the things I liked about the district is they did offer some AP classes on the campus and the teachers I had were also very nice and helpful. One thing I would think of changing is probably the help they give other students that aren't in AP classes. I did overhear some students complain that they felt like the school dud not put much emphasis on their curriculum. I would also like to see more diversity on the campus with AP they offer since when I went there was only some of the basic ones. Now that my brother goes there however, he does say that they have grown in the AP classes they offer.
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