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Overall I had a great experience while in the Norwalk community school district. Academics are top notch, teachers are the leaders in their field, sports programs are competitive and advanced, and the district is just well kept as a whole.
I think Norwalk schools are a lot better than the places I've been to before. The smaller class sizes make for a more personalized experience and I can tell the teachers and administrators care more about students
Overall, Norwalk is a very put together school district. I've gone to their schools all my life and the wonderful staff and administrators have helped me achieve my full potential not only by moving my grade level up a year but also by offering a great assortment of advanced classes.
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The Norwalk Community School District is a great place to go to school. They are constantly open to change and have a great school environment. If you learn to advocate for yourself you can bring about almost any change you would want to see. The teachers are very supportive and all of them truly love what they are doing.
What I like about Norwalk Community School are the activities. There are tons of clubs. Clubs you wouldn't think of. Yes, we have the classics like Chess Club and Art Club, but there's also Robotics and League of Legends. There's actually a club for playing video games. Some things I don't like about Norwalk is the overall attitude of my peers. They're all pretty disrespectful and loud and obnoxious and rude. One of my classmates beat up my little sister and the school has yet to do anything. That was over a month ago. The food here is also, in a word, disgusting. Everything is either undercooked or just a pile of what looks like cat vomit. Yes, the school is good at keeping people involved with a ton of clubs for each person but, they don't do anything to help students become better people.
One of my favorite parts of going to Norwalk High School is the ease of fixing your grades. Something I would like to change at this school is the diversity of people here as well as the help provided for college readiness.
Norwalk is a pretty good school, but it’s obviously not perfect. This year we’re in and will be throughout this year and next year, but it doesn’t effect most people’s routes to class much. They’ve also changed the schedule so we start 20 minutes later and our lunch period moved, but the adjustment has been pretty smooth. As a junior I’m taking more challenging classes and i feel like my teachers are there for me when I need help. Overall I think Norwalk is pretty great, but obviously there could be improvements.
I like that this school is helping and preparing me in some ways but the financial aid office is very unprofessional and seem like they do not know what they are doing.
My favorite part about Norwalk HS are all the opportunities to get college credits while still in high school. I’ll be going into college with over 30+ college credits which is super exciting. What I don’t like so much about Norwalk is how tough it is to be friends with certain groups because of how clique-y it is. It seems as if the teachers do nothing about it. Also, I’ve had multiple instances with teachers where they treated me horribly and when I took higher action, nothing changed. Being a mixed girl in a mostly Caucasian school is difficult, but when you feel constantly outcasted for it; it makes it worse.
I love how Norwalk has such good teachers. Each one of them has a willing to teach. You can tell that each teacher likes doing what they’re doing and has a passion for teaching students how to prepare for the real world and other important skills to learn.
Amazing faculty - dedicated to working with students to build relationships and ensure their education in personalized. Would like to see more academic resources, besides DMACC, to prepare for college.
So far, the school district has been great. There have been a wide variety of inschool and online classes, so I never need to worry about needing certain credits
Norwalk Community School District is like if the devil and satan had a baby, it married hates and started a school district. The principles and advocates don't care and treat you like garbage. There are only a handful of teachers who are amazing, the rest don't care either. Please don't make your child come to this school.
I graduated in 2004 and enjoyed my experience very much. I loved all the teachers and felt at ease during my years at Norwalk.
Nothing really popped out for my in my high school expierence. The disctrict improved very much since I was in kindagarten.
What I liked about Norwalk was that I always feel safe going to school. I never have to be afraid to go to school and it can actually be quite pleasant to go to school with my peers. I wish we could change the scenery, because the building is not really an uplifting environment. There are hardly any windows for the sun to shine through, and it is just brick walls everywhere. I would also like it if I had more of an opportunity to do what I am good at and participate, because what I was involved in was not benefiting me.
I graduated high school from the Norwalk Community School District. I had attended approximately 10 different schools over the course of my school years before the 9th grade. Norwalk is by far the best school I've ever attended, I really felt the staff genuinely cared for all of the students futures. They take extra measures in ensuring we are thinking about college starting freshmen year. Norwalk is a very safe school, the staff make you feel comfortable to go to them about anything, whether it's school related or not.
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It was a small town atmosphere with socio-economic and cultural diversity. A large percentage of staff with tenured professionals, who provided excellent education opportunities.
Great School and teachers. It's Not as diverse as I would like it to be, but a great community to raise kids.
I have given Norwalk high school a 3-star rating because there is a lot that needs to be changed but there are also some really good parts about the school. The part that I like the most is how helpful the teachers can be. They're willing to take time out of their personal lives to help the students become better. On the other hand, though, the Student Advocates, or Deans, do not. The Student Advocates don't help the students with what they truly need but rather make it harder for them to get things done the way that the student wishes. I would love to see the school board actually listen to the students about these issues and help them put an end to it, because without the school board's help, we students can't do anything about what's wrong with the school.
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