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Norwalk High School has an amazing teacher staff. They are always there to help me do my best to ensure my success in life. However, there are a few teachers that should be given some lessons on teaching. Some simple do not care enough for their students to offer genuine academic help. Others just never spend class time wisely and do not prepare their students the best way. Overall, the school is definitely an amazing place to learn!
I have been a Norwalk Trucker since I was in Kindergarten. I have formed bonds with many people from community leaders to parents to students to teachers. I have enjoyed participating in sports such as football, basketball, and track. We have a huge community spirit and parents like no other place I have ever seen. Our football team made the final four this year and played in the state play offs. Our parents and the entire community rallied together to give us a confidence I have never felt before. Norwalk High School is a Division III school because of its size, however, the feel of the school is that of a small town. We have amazing opportunities that are so diverse and if you could not find something that interested you, then you're just not paying attention. It will be a mix of emotions, the day that I leave this place. I hope that I have the opportunity to come back one day and inspire other students like myself.
My school is incredible. There is lots of good staff and faculty that are always there to help. I feel completely safe here. I know that just by attending this school, it has helped shape me into who I am today.
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For the most part i enjoyed being a part of Norwalk High School, teachers care about the students' success but the only thing that i would wish would change is having a larger list of classes and electives students can participate in. Being a part of a small community, that is the only downside of attending this district, i preferred living in a large community/ city
The atmosphere was typically okay; however, the focus was always more on the sports rather than education and the arts.
I enjoy attending Norwalk High School. I have gotten a lot of opportunities to become a better intellectual and the school itself is had a great atmosphere. I would like to see a change in the food and more college readiness classes added.
The teachers and academics are fine. Norwalk offers college classes with those who feel they would benefit from them. The school is very nice as well and maintained nicely. The food is terrible. It is reheated for the next day, it is far too expensive for the little amount that is given and the food is cold half of the time.
Very good school for the area. The high school is almost brand new with an amazing theater and arts department.
The Norwalk City School District offers plentiful opportunity for every child to succeed. Whether it be through academics, sports, music, or just about any other imaginable avenue, this School District offers a full spectrum of activities for children to learn, grow, and excel.
I loved the school culture Norwalk City Schools had. It felt like everyone was a family at times especially at sporting events or club events. I felt as if the community and students really came together to support one another and truly took pride in being a Norwalk trucker.
I really like the High school campus, has great facilities but the lower grade facilities are not very good. There is no air conditioning and the sports are okay, there are not many clubs either.
Norwalk City Schools has many good qualities. They have counselors that are very active with their students. They stay involved and in tune with the needs of their students and faculty. The school staff is very supportive to make sure that students succeed and will give extra time before and after school to help them. The school district is very supportive of the arts and support the arts personally and professionally.
The one thing that I liked the most about Norwalk is that the teacher actually cared about their students (well at least the teachers I had)
Overall experience very pleasant and rewarding. Environment clean and safe. Easy access to teachers and administration
I loved Norwalk Highschool. It was a regular highschool but the four years there wasnt all that bad. i really enjoyed the teachers and extracurriculars. I was captin of the golf team, president of the student council, editor of the yearbook and secertary of the schools government club. My highschool makes people seem together as well. I loved the education i was given and think Norwalk is a great school district.
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