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Coming to a new school your senior year is quite the struggle, unless of course you are coming into the Norton Public School System. The faculty and staff are always greeting you with a warm happy smile and teachers are always to attentive yo their students. Teachers here at Norton High are always making sure their students are understanding their material and a testing well on their test. Norton High School is well deserving of this 5 star rating and I cannot wait to see where Norton High School in the future!!
Norton High School is a good environment for students to learn and grow. In my four years, the school changed drastically with administration and faculty. However, the atmosphere remains the same. It is an inclusive place for all types of kids to safely study and socialize within. It's a pretty cool area to live in and even though it is a small, rural town, there is a lot of character. I feel prepared. Yes, the school has given me all of the resources I need besides a chrome book to complete my school work.
I am very comfortable in my school. I feel welcomed, and safe. The staff and coaches are always approachable, available and helpful to all their students. I have never felt unsafe in my school.
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Norton high is a pretty average school. There are some teachers that push the extra mile to see their students excel, but there are also some that just want to pass the student. Funding for programs that aren't sports is extremely low. At the bottom of that totem pole is music. With budget cuts coming I'm interested to see what comes of this school.
Norton Public Schools have given me a great childhood. Both the academics and sports programs have given me what I need to succeed in life and move onto my college years.
The teachers are very helpful. The make sure all students are prepared for college. They also offer many opportunities to engage with the community. Norton also has a great education system. I would change the cafeteria food and add more clubs.
They're not the greatest.
My daughter was bullied SO badly in second grade that I had to pull her out because the principle couldn't "handle it." Two 7 year old girls.
And being told because my daughter stood up for herself, that she wasn't bullied! Unacceptable.
When she went back the next year it started almost immediately with the same girl. She had to have special privileges just to avoid the bully.
This year they're back in the same school again. Second day of school, started again, comments, looks, etc.
Only this time the Dean of Students made sure to get on top of it.
The secretary doesn't answer the phone, there's no way to contact the teacher directly during the school day
The work load and paper trail is ridiculous.
They claim to be for the students, diverse and cultured, but they are far from that.
The entire school system and heads of the district need to take classes on children and needs..
Incredibly supportive faculty and administration. Great school spirit and student involvement. The town is a great mix of people. Most of the schools are newer and the younger staff relate well to the students
Norton is a small town and everybody knows everybody. It is very inclusive and personal. The teachers and staff have always been friendly and approachable. I have been in Norton schools kindergarten through 12th grade and I am beyond grateful.
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