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Norton City School District Reviews

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The teachers are nice and they make it a good place to be. The band is amazing and principle is a chill guy.
I like the Norton City School District because the teachers genuinely care about students' education.
This district is absolutely wonderful. They go out of their way to instruct and assist each and every student and care about students so much.
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What I like about Norton City Schools is that there are tons of great people to get along with. Also at Norton City Schools all the teachers are great, and are always nice and helpful in many ways. Also our teachers always lookout for there students to make sure they succeed. Another good thing about Norton City Schools is that we all seem like a great big family, and that were all in it together. One thing that I would like to see change, is the underclassmen to respect school property by not destroying things, and for them to also respect there peers and staff.
I like the teachers and faculty. They are nice and work to help every student succeed. It is overall a good learning environment.
I had an overall good experience at Norton. I had friends, got along with my teachers, and was very involved. But, I was harassed and threatened multiple times by another student, and little to no action was taken by the school to stop it.
It's enjoyable, the teachers are helpful, and it was fun, but there is not a lot offered as far as AP goes
Growing up in the Norton community, I have made a lot of lifetime friends! Even their parents are awesome!!The teachers and staff were always available anytime of day. My experience in bowling and soccer really helped me be the person I am today. I was fortunate to attend my senior year in the new high school. The new school is absolutely amazing!
Norton High School is an amazing school and is part of a wonderful school district. I am currently a senior, and I feel that I am very prepared for college. Our English department has done an amazing job developing my writing skills. I have talked to a friend who attends a different high school and they have told me that they have only written about three essays all throughout their first three years of high school.
The majority of the teachers in this school district are very supportive of each of their students. Anyone can tell that they want their students to succeed and be the very best they can be. They enjoy teaching and really want all of their students to take away something new from each lesson that they teach. I can speak from personal experience when I say that I have learned many valuable things from each of my teachers.
Norton City Schools were really great years for me. All their teachers were interactive with the students which made it lots of fun. They have some really fun clubs and competitive sports they just need more students to join them. Plus when I graduated from there I have learned a lot so much that the first year of college was a breeze for me. So they set you up great for your future. The only thing that i would want them to change is maybe getting more clubs and sports.
The teachers are very nice. It is a great learning environment because the teachers are helpful and they care a lot. There are many classes to take so you have a good selection to choose from.
The teachers genuinely care about students and their education. I certainly learned a lot from attending this school; I feel I would not have gotten such a quality education from a surrounding school district.
Very small community, nice students and staff. New school is very nice and well deserved. Teachers are very good at their jobs, especially the math department. Worth going to this district.
I grew up in Norton so far my entire life, Loved the schools and the people involved. Norton has always been rated excellent in education and has always had the highest test scores.
Norton always tried there best to give me the best education that they possibly could. I was one of there students that spent some time with an IEP due to a minor learning disability. One thing that I think could help them help those students a little bit better would be to shadow or train with sylvan learning center for a while. The school tries there best but it was sylvan that got me back on tract, but that is all that sylvan ever does so they have a better understanding of it. I think if Norton teachers and students worked with sylvan for a little while it will help them better be able to help their IEP students.
I was new my freshmen year of high school. Starting fresh anywhere is very nerve racking, but after my first week I felt as if I belonged. Because I did. It took a long time, but they are not to blame, for me to step out of my comfort zone, and when I finally did, they had so many opportunities for me to really achieve that. The teachers are incredible, and some have really inspired me through my academic career
Norton is a very small school with lots of diversity. The teachers are very involved and help each and every student. I have learned a lot from attending Norton High School. The students are very kind and caring for eachother. It is like one big family.
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AT Norton City Schools, every student is treated as an equal. All the students have plenty of abilities to apply themselves to one of the many activities offered, and the new high school is the pride of Norton.
This school is very nice, but the one thing I would fix would be the relationship between athletics and arts. The artists and the "jocks" do not get along very well.
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