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Northwestern School District has made a huge impact on my life and will always have a place in my heart. We may not be the largest or fanciest school but the staff and community work together to ensure that all of their students succeed. No matter what classroom you enter you can tell all staff members are there to truly give you the best chance after you graduate.
For a small school, Northwestern offers an amazing academic atmosphere where learning is a top priority. The small class sizes helps keep the students and teachers connected.
Northwestern is a small town school with a lot of opportunities available. They offer various academic clubs along with sports. Having the small town culture gives the school a tight knit atmosphere.
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My experience at Northwestern has been great. Everyone is friendly and always willing to help a hand. Turning a corner you always will see smiling faces and people laughing. The environment is welcoming and cozy and I would not have wanted to go to any other school.
I have had a wonderful experience at Northwestern. The teachers are wonderful, I feel prepared for college, and there is abundant opportunity for student involvement. The Ag department is the best in the state. The Music teachers are wonderful; there are not only classes offer but also auditioned groups including Handbills, Forte singers, Jazz Band, and a Guitar and Strings club. The drama department has opportunities to act, direct, stage manage, and travel to see shows. The sciences are heavily pushed and have higher level classes such as Physics and AP Environmental Science. The lunches are high quality and the school provides free dinners three days a week. My main complaints are safety concerns. The spotlights that the drama club uses are from the 1970's and are a fire hazard. The stage lights aren't much better. These facilities need replaced. The student body isn't a diverse group and there is no sense of unity.
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