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I like the fact that most students get good grades, and they encourage you to do the same. The classes are smaller and you really connect with your teacher. I don’t like the food, it doesn’t change month to month. There is hardly any diversity. There are maybe 5 African American students.
As a new high school graduate, I would say I was impressed with how the teachers and faculty prepared students for college. The teachers at Northwestern truly care about the students success and you don't see that at every school. It meant a lot to me to have that.
Being at Northwestern from Kindergarten to my senior year was good. I made many friends with students and faculty and most teachers knew your name. One thing I would like to change would be the dress code to be not as strict. It’s hard these days to find clothes that’ll fall in line for dress code. But other than that a very good school.
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Overall it's been an amazing experience. There are ample extracurricular activities, great teachers, and other amazing faculty. However, occasionally the teachers can be condescending and the activities have an unofficial hierarchy.
Northwestern is an excellent school with great teachers and students. There are many opportunites for students to participate inside and outside of the classroom. If I could change anything, it would probably be the diversity within the faculty and the student body. However, because most of the students in the school live within the district, that is not a likely change unless the population within the district changes.
Small classes meant that I got the help from teachers when I needed it. Some sports team had coaches that played players based on friendships with their children rather than on skill, which was discouraging. Other coaches were really supportive of athletes. There are a few bad teachers that should not be there, but are because they have tenure. Other teachers are exceptional and really inspire and befriend students.
Northwestern has challenged me and pushed me to pursue my goals. It gave me a safe place to be myself and break out of my comfort zone as everyone encourages. I would love to be able to give back to my school some day and furthering my education would allow me to come back and support my community. This school kept me and my classmates on track to graduate and always gives people a shoulder to lean on. We recently lost a student in my grade, it amazed me how my school came together and stood outside in the rain as the procession drove by. I'll always be a Tiger at heart.
Was prepared for college when I graduated. Most teachers seem to know what they are doing. Administration at the high school level is lacking.
Great staff. They really go above and beyond to teach and guide their students. Sports facilities are top of the line. Sports are usually good and can compete for sectionals. Administration is very good. Academics are very good and prepare you fully for college.
I like the close knit family environment that Northwestern offers! They truly want you to succeed and they do everything they can to help you. I like how the faculty members are so quick to talk to you and get to know you. It was truly a wonderful experience going there!
As a four star school one would expect more out of the experience. I'm an alumni with only terrible experiences to account for. The school has a massive bullying agenda with little help or intervention. There is also an issue with some of the teacher's needs to fit in with the "cool' students instead of playing adult figure. The academics is acceptable if you don't take into consideration all the distractions the school offers.
Northwestern is a great corporation with amazing staff and students. The expectations of our education are raised high, but with all the supporting teachers that we have, all students are able to achieve anything. Along with the excellent education comes the athletic program. Northwestern has an excellent athletic program as well. This program has fall, winter, and spring sports. Those sports are football, soccer (girls and boys), golf (girls and boys), tennis (girls and boys), volleyball, cross country, basketball (girls and boys), swimming (girls and boys), softball, and baseball. We have amazing coaches for all the sports that we offer. All together Northwestern High School is the perfect school for any student. The students are great as well. There is very little conflict between students. If there ever is the staff handles the situation extremely well. The safety of this school is beyond excellent. I never have a feeling that something could go wrong in this school.
When I think about Northwestern High School the first thing that comes to mind is the amazing faculty members. I grew a friendship with all my teachers from Northwestern. I quickly realized how many of the teachers were willing to go completely out of their way to help me with anything. It amazes me that I have continued to stay in touch with a few of my high school teachers still to this day. You can tell they honestly cared about me.
One thing that I liked about Northwestern School Corporation was the activities we would do in a short class period called Face to Face. This class was excellent in bonding students and keeping us aware of the people around us instead of on our phones. Another characteristic about Northwestern that I liked was that the teachers cared for our success and most prepared us well for college when it comes to study habits, test taking, and doing more than just the minimum. The only thing I would suggest a change in would be the food served during lunch time. It used to be a wide variety of foods with included healthy options and I believe that the corporation needs to go back to that.
It is a smaller high school so everyone knows each other. In the county so most of us have attended school since kindergarten together and families know each other. A lot of family participation in helping with school activities. Teachers seem to know their students since it's a smaller school.
I love my school. I feel as though I am a part of a family, and everyone knows my name. The teachers make us feel at home, and the rigorous work is challenging, yet the work is preparing me for what is to come at Purdue University next year. I would not want to go to another school. Many members of the community know that Northwestern students are caring and welcoming, and that we are known for being respectful. The staff pushes us to do well, and Northwestern is my second home that will be hard to leave after graduation.
My four years at Northwestern High School has been hands down the best four years in my entire career as a student. I for one have been to two other schools. One of which was a private catholic school. It wasn't bad but at Northwestern I have found myself growing into the young women that I see myself becoming in the future. It also has set me up for success outside and inside a educational atmosphere. I have taken classes that I need to take and classes I wanted to take. For example, I started band my Sophomore year and had no idea how to read music. Now I play a plethora of instruments like the flute and recently any type of saxophone I want. However, I have found a passion I have grown to love unconditionally and that is color guard. I plan on continuing color guard even after high school. Without Northwestern I'm not sure who I would be or where I would be, but I am happy who I am now. For that I thank Northwestern.
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Northwestern High School is not only a learning facility where students can earn an education, but is also a second home to many of the students who attend there. Northwestern centers around excellence in tradition, learning, and the inclusion of everyone. The school creates a remarkable learning experience in a safe and secure environment. No student slips by or is left out. Northwestern cares for all of its members.
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