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Northwestern Regional School District No. 7 Reviews

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Both of my sons had a great experience in all aspects of life at regional 7 and then were very successful in college.
When first entering this school, I immediately noticed how warm the students and staff are. All the students and staff are extremely kind, caring, and welcoming. The overall environment at Reginal is something all schools should strive for. The overall curriculum can yes use some improvement; however, when it comes to the kids they're absolutely amazing. You can truly tell the teachers care about you and your well being and want you to be successful.
Overall good school but homework is too heavy with short deadlines so athletes or those with extracurricular activities suffer and have too much pressure. End result is students with severe high anxiety or they drop extracurriculars which is not good for the students overall experience.
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I enjoyed the academics and different type of classes offered at regional 7. They helped me a lot with public speaking as well as my essay writing skills which will be useful in college. Something I think that could be better is how involved certain teachers with their students and trying to help them more if they aren't doing well. Personally, I only experienced this once but I know others could use teachers help to push them more to reveal their full potential.
It’s a pretty average high school. Some teachers aren’t so great and I’ve had issues with the counselors multiple times, but overall it’s not too bad. The sports program could greatly benefit from some fixing and some parts of the school itself need some updating.
Overall, I have had a tremendous experience at Northwestern. The faculty goes above and beyond to help guide each student on their path to success. Our pride, spirit, and energy are unique and unlike any other school. We soar academically and prosper as a learning community. We are pushed to prosper and everyone is always watching each other's back. From the security to resource officers, you can always be ensured the safest learning environment. We are given an abundance of privileges because we work hard and are respected enough to earn them. Northwestern is truly a special place I am proud to say I attended
I love Northwestern Regional!! It has been an amazing experience for me, I have met a lot of my friends here, and have gotten to know the faculty really well too. I would highly recommend this school, for anyone who wants to join the FFA program as well.
The band program is something that all band programs should aspire to be more like. The director cares about the student's progression more about awards and has decided to forego festivals to allow time for students to experience a larger range of music. However, this does not mean that the band is bad. Quite the opposite actually. The director has been recognized nationally for his work, and the NWR7 band has played for national conventions. Truely the gemstone of this school.
NWR7 was an ecstatic experience for me. Being apart of a school with an agriculture program (National FFA Organization) opened new doors for me that possibly would of never happened to me if I never joined. It showed me my love and appreciation for animals, my improvement in public speaking and research, and my passion for service work. Going off of that, my school had other programs that enlightened the potential in students. Programs that included a talented music and theater program, all-star athletic teams, and even a unique robotics program. Not to mention some of the inspiring teachers and different class levels that go at the individual students' pace, and the Kindness in Motion program that teaches students [not just in FFA] about service in their communities.
I had a great high school experience. High school is supposed to foster an environment for crucial social, emotional, physical, and academic growth. My high school did all of these things. I credit my relationship with my teachers and my peers to successes and ability to learning high school!
I have really enjoyed my 4 years here. The teachers are very helpful and take the time to make sure you understand the material. They also care about you as a person. The Ag program and the teachers are really great!
Overall a quality school. Teachers truly care about their students. I would like to see some improvement in the guidance department, especially when getting upperclassmen ready for college.
Northwestern Regional School District No. 7 was a school which prepared you for the future. The teachers there want to see you succeed and are willing to help you with anything you may need. Coming from a small town to be integrated into a high school which focuses on academics as well as community it was an enjoyable experience to graduate from here.
I had a rough start to my high school career, but after some roadblocks and jumping a few hurdles, I was lucky enough to find a program that suited me. Through the NWR7 STEP program, I have been able to achieve great things, including the opportunity to graduate earlier than my peers.
Really enjoyed my experience here as a student. The teachers and administrators are great for both current success in high school and future success in college. The school performs very well in sports while making top 3 in the league regularly. People here are all one family and the teachers aren’t afraid to help you if they see you falling behind. I would change the food, however, as they are usually the same meals every week.
There were many activities for students, many ways for students to get involved. I would like to see their academics increase. There should be more real life courses. Finance and Basic Accounting should be a requirement for all seniors whether they are college bound or not.
Not impressed with this school at all. Outdated and has asbestos. Administration is not reliable at all especially when it comes to forms sent home. No diversity in the school. Not crazy about the safety of the school.
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The school overall is a good experience, but the guidance department is a hit or miss. Some can be very helpful but others will not help you at all. My guidance counselor knew that my whole math class was failing, therefore, it was obviously the teachers fault, but she did nothing to try to tell the teacher to change her teaching methods. Also, the administration has become very strict over the last few years and they change big test dates to prevent seniors from participating in senior skip day.
My favorite part about Regional 7 was the teachers, and their willingness and availability to help students learn. I think that the relationships between students and teachers are really important. You have to feel comfortable talking to your teacher in order to learn from them.
I love the school! The school defiantly involves the students with activity and the recent addition of SHAPE helps people get connected with each other. Although some of the activities seem cheese, it helps some people out and get involved with their towns.
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