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Northwestern Local School District (West Salem) Reviews

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They put a big emphasis on STEM classes and careers which many surrounding schools do not. There are many opportunities to succeed; it’s up to the student to take advantage of them.
They place a lot of emphasis on programs such as STEM, robotics, teaching, business, etc. They give you a lot of different areas to explore, and while the school places a lot of importance on sports they don’t neglect the art programs (like choir, art, band, theatre, foreign language). They do take offense if kids decide that doing their junior/senior years they want to go off campus to a nearby college.
Exceptional, caring teachers and great leadership and administrators! Northwestern not only has STEM education in all schools, they have a fantastic STEM preschool as well! I would not consider sending my kids anywhere else!
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I would like to see changes in the aspects of sport's politics. Many of the coaches there just care about the "last name" or if they are afraid parents will confront them about playing time. Such a tight knit, judgmental school district.
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