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Northwestern Local School District (Springfield) Reviews

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My school had a lot of parent involvement. I would love to see Northwestern prepare their students more for college. I wish teachers would be better equipped to deal with students that learn differently and can think more out of the box when teaching students that have a different learning style.
The school isn’t the best. Not going to lie. This school is way too small for a diverse community. It seams to be all about your last name here. Or the football team. But they have stepped it up a bit.
I absolutely cannot wait to leave this school district. As soon as my oldest graduates this year we will be switching schools. The teachers are always on their phones and the only sport they care about is football.
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Really a nice school, very new buildings, with a great community around the school. The small town feel makes everyone very nice and sincere.
Northwestern Jr./Sr. High school is absolutely amazing! The staff are very caring,helpful, and serious. This school is unlike any I have been to before.
I have been attending Northwest High School since the start of my sophomore year, and each year I have enjoyed it more and more. The basics like air conditioning, heating, and well sized classrooms are provided, but even more importantly, there are a plethora of unique classes offered like music and performance, dance and aerobics, and even a ceramics course. The school excels through its teachers, who are truly committed to providing their students with the best educations possible. I am extremely grateful for this commitment to education, but even more grateful for the help and advice I've received from the staff outside of the classroom.
Teachers are nice and they keep the classroom fun but informal at the same time. They make sure you know what you are doing after high school. The place is also kept keep and presentable.
Northwestern High School is a good place to start thinking about future careers. Many different classes with some high level classes are offered here with clubs to compensate for the subjects that don’t have classes, although many newer subjects such as technology aren’t covered completely. Not always the best learning experience but if you find the right people you can have a good time and receive a learning foundation.
Northwestern High School is a small community school in rural Ohio. Although we are a small school, we offer many different activities and clubs. We have a beautiful campus. Our teachers really care about the students. I love being a Warrior!
The small-school experience makes everyone feel at home with a strong support network. Being involved in sports also lends itself to closer relationships.
My high school has some amazing teachers who are willing to do so much for their students and who will help prepare them for the changing years ahead. I like the tight knit community it is in and the sport involvement we have. But, some of our administration I am hoping changes in the near future because some of them are discriminatory to different views and lifestyles.
Northwestern has many high-level classes that helped me further my education. However, I missed out on many scholarship opportunities because of lack of support to the guidance department.
At Northwestern everyone knows everyone and I found that very unique and helpful because if anyone needed help with anything there was never a shortage of people to help. Also the football family is amazing! I played all four years of high school and grew to have another family of brothers that would fight thick and thin for me and I would do the same in return. Here at Northwestern it is fairly quite with few issues and I think that is nice and important for a great community.
They have to be aware of the students safety and to inform parents when the need to and to tell the students more about what's going on during the school day and if anything bad is going on in the the school with information
There are a lot of politics behind the closed doors. While I went to school there, I had many problems with the athletic department that lead to contacting the superintendent, who was not interested in the well-being of the student. He was more interested in sweeping it under the rug and saying the I was wrong. I got bullied by a coach/teacher (same person) and was told to not talk about it at home.
I enjoy going to Northwestern. I am a senior this year and play several sports and most of the people here are super friendly and nice
Northwestern is a very tight knit community however the quality of teaching is very low in some cases. Some teachers genuinely care but many others do not. The administration is very bias in some ways as well.
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I moved into the Northwestern Local School District my sophomore year. Coming from a large city school, I had a completely different school experience than the kids that grew up here, in a small rural school. Because I have experienced different schools, I am able to provide a reliable review.
Northwestern is an amazing district. The academics are extremely competitive. This teaches students that they need to work hard for success, which is a very valuable lesson. The teachers truly care about their students and their academic success, and work hard to help. The student body is extremely supportive, as we all push each other to excel in classes. Before moving, I had no idea what I wanted to do. But because of how encouraging Northwestern is of the students attending college, I now have a strong plan. The administration is strict, but it keeps the environment in the school safe and positive.
This school has really gone downhill. They only seem to care about numbers and not if the students are really learning. More than ever, if you don't have the right name at this school, your children don't matter. I would not recommend this school to anyone.
All of the teachers cared and were helpful and patient with all students. The teachers ignored our quirks and cared about us as people, not just as students. I would say there isn't much room for improvement.
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