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Throughout my four years here I enjoyed sports and being involved in clubs. The school is good at recognizing all kinds of students for their achievements in arts, academics, sports, tech, etc. It offers many courses and has very good teachers for all levels. They only offer a minimal selection of AP classes, however you have the option of taking college classes as well.
Northwestern is a small school but tight knit community. Academics are so so and athletics are pretty good. Not much of the arts going on.
I rated this school two stars for a plethora of reasons; one, their diversity at the school is below poor. As Asian American, I was one out of the only two Asian Americans in my entire grade. I did not feel accepted or had a feeling of belonging at this school. Secondly, Northwestern values sports over the arts. This school had a sub par band, no orchestra, and football was the only sport this district had school spirit over. Thirdly, some of the high school teachers, only cared about the syllabus and material at hand. No passion whatsoever. In addition, the teachers only cared about test scores and attendance.
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They are very good at what they are as a school district but once you get older, the teachers stop teaching and the rules get nonexistent. This causes drama to occur and the students can’t be prepared for the future if the teachers don’t teach the material they are supposed to.
Love the kids--made lots of friends. Teachers aren't bad. Some you wish you could have every year. I wish there were more languages offered (Italian please!). And I wish there was more of an arts presence. I did choir and drama all 4 years. But I'd love more dramatic, vocal and visual arts. My school did prepare me for the outside world--getting a resume together, preparing for a job interview and looking for colleges that matched my dreams. Still, when I graduate I'll have good memories.
Northwestern is good, but it is not very diverse. The teachers are pretty attentive, but I feel as though I cannot reach my full potential at the high school.
I have been in the Northwestern Lehigh school district since kindergarten. I absolutely love this school. This school has small class sizes and I like that because the teachers really get to know their students. All of my close friends I've known since elementary school and we are still great friends. My whole experience has been nothing but amazing I am definitely going to miss this school next year.
Overall, the teachers and academics are very good. I learned a lot and feel proud of my time spent their. I feel the preparing for college aspect (choosing a college, applying for college, paying for college) left something to be desired.
Northwestern is a decent school with a decent staff. Nothing extraordinary but you will learn what you need.
Small school in rural setting. Some very good teachers. Private school atmosphere. Good school spirit. Classes prepared me for college. There were some amazing teachers that really pushed you to excel and cared. Low Diversity based on location but maybe changing slowly.
I would love to see better clubs to be involved in our community as well as more diversity in the students and staff. The teachers do their best to prepare us for college.
Loved the smaller school lifestyle, although didn't have the best experience with other classmates due to cliques. Most teachers genuinely care about the students well being, and will go above and beyond to ensure success.
Northwestern Lehigh High School prepares students for the next stage of their life; whether it be college, technical studies, or the work force students are ready and able to be high achievers. The high school has a long standing history of having multitalented student athletes, who are also high achievers in the classroom. In addition Northwestern students have some of the highest SAT and standardized test scores in the Lehigh Valley, but the school greatly lacks diversity in the student and faculty.
I was only there from 10th grade to 12th grade, but it was best school experience I had. All of the teachers cared about us and how we did in school. They also taught us real-world things like how to apply to college, financial aid , and scholarships.
Northwestern Lehigh High School is a small close knit school. You know almost everyone in both the grades above and below you. The teachers are great and very helpful along with the other faculty members. It's a very safe environment and very comfortable to be in.
Great school! Wonderful teachers and a over all great environment. Wonderful sports programs. Awesome community.
In my years of going to this school, I have truly developed as a person and as a student. This school has taught me balance between academics and athletics as well as my social life. One thing that I look down on is the diversity as there is not much at this school and perhaps gives us a closed mind of the real world outside of our school environment.
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Northwestern is a tight-knit, small school with many great teachers. The education provided is top-notch, which can be seen in the consistently high test scores.
We moved from a school district almost 4 times the size of Northwestern Lehigh. Northwestern Lehigh offers a friendly, family atmosphere. The teachers and students really care about each other and their education. The principal is great with the children. The only thing I would change would be to add a dance team and a boys volleyball league.
I could not be more pleased with how NWE has handled and accomodated any and all needs for my son. I look forward to the same experience with my younger children as they grow and learn.
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