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Huge range of clubs, great opportunities for involvement. Small school environment fosters strong relationships between students and teachers.
I enjoy the small school setting and how much the teachers help me personally with my education. I loved having a small class that I knew everybody and could grow with them. I also loved the community aspect that was reflected in the school because everybody knows everyone so it was easy to get along with everyone and to find your friends.
2 star review was by Swanson, and the coach she was talking about was groft... this is a great school.
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There isn't enough good to balance the bad. Coaches who are bullies towards players, parents, & other programs. Teachers who just go through the motions or tell students & parents they can only help during their schedule. Admin who have pushed great teachers away or leave others in fear of losing their jobs. Parents need to be on payroll some how so their kids get a shot. Yet a few teachers still love their job & students. A new AG teacher who spends hours of her own time getting grants so students can try more things. While other teachers bash her & her program. There is light through the darkness, you just pray your kids don't get lost.
Why we can't say this at the school or to the board? Retaliation, it's not building their character, it's bullying them out of the programs and sports they love while crushing their spirits. They have their tenure and that's that!
I am currently attending and I have learned so much, and the teachers are great. They are so helpful and friendly.
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