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the quality of education given to the students in non honors classes and a push for higher level students.
Be wary of Administrations and specific teachers. They will cause problems and will "swipe it under the rug" with no concern for the student. Most of the teachers you will end up forming lasting relationships with, the theater program is fantastic, many sports and after school activities available, atmosphere for diversity will vary but is safe overall. Has programs for underprivileged families and will help where they can.
Full of school spirit and has amazing teachers and staff however the student crowed is rough not all the best people.
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My time at Northwest High School was some of the best years of my life. I made great friends and had outstanding teachers who prepared me for my college career
Horrible school district. They hardly have any resources for any kid that needs that extra help, let alone a child that has been diagnosed with developmental delays. They'll just keep them in regular classes, with no extra support & continue to pass them along with failing grades (all from low test scores). Don't even get me started on the neverending racism from both students & staff. I've had to go to the civil rights due to unnecessary & uncalled for racism that is allowed to go on in ALL of the Northwest R1 schools.
The amount of different classes at Northwest is awesome. Any student is able to take a variety of classes to see what interests them.
Northwest has a great library service that is open to all students. I have used the library many times over and they never seem to stop updating the different services available. Northwest has gates which help protect from any potential threats and make the campus feel like a safer place. Many clubs are available to the students, with a large diversity in subject type and when they meet.
This school has provided me with a great educational experience, as well as an amazing environment to grow and develop.
My experience with Northwest R-1 School district has been phenomenal for 13 years. The district puts their students safety and education first. The staff that I have encountered have always been kind and willing to help with anything. I have gone to Northwest R-1 School district since Kindergarten and I am now a senior. Throughout these 13 years, Northwest has given me many opportunities. Administration and the counselors are always ready to lend a helping hand when there are any questions about what the school offers. Not only do they give information about the different opportunities the school offers, but they promote them to allow all students the same chance to take opportunities.
Have always heard great things about it. They had a very successful volleyball program when i was around. They have a boys volleyball program, could be improved with better coaching from what i have heard. It is a very large campus with a lot of parking room. The teachers and students are pretty great, I know of someone who still has great friends from the school and is still connected with them even now. The location of the school is awesome too. Very rural and not super close to everything which keeps distractions away and makes it a safer place. It would be a place that i would send my future kids to.
Teachers are very helpful and kind. Excellent student body. There are many opportunities to get involved.
I like the people that go to our school. I like some teachers, but other teachers do not seem dedicated to teaching and do not provide the proper help needed. College should not be pushed on to the freshmen so quickly because they are still trying to get used to college, and it is a lot to take in high school and college decisions at the same time.
I like the people that go to Northwest. I dislike that a lot of the teachers do not seem like they’re dedicated to helping students and making sure they understand the material.
It is a great school district! From kindergarten to 12th grade. There are not too many problems that happen in the school district.
Everybody is involved. Communication is wonderful. I love how my son improves in everything from his last school district. The school really loves their kids.
I enjoyed how close I had the chance to be with my teachers. I feel the level of educational challenge could have been raised higher.
I really like going to School here because the teachers are really nice and helpful in every situation you need them. The administration is very friendly too and you never have to worry about not being listened to. The food could be better but that's just a little detail which isn't perfect.
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Northwest High School is normally pertained to as a poor school without good resources to education. While we may not have the resources as a high school within the city may have, the school makes up for it in its teachers who genuinely care if you do well in school or not. I would like to see more diversity within the student body since it's mostly comprised of white people. Everything within the school is average, given the resources it's been provided with. I think they should get parents more involved and there could be more educating done about politics within school and class.
Going to Northwest has really given me the tools to succeed in life. Northwest has the best teachers and faculty. Northwest has many advanced placement courses which I had enrolled in and a dual credit course for college credit as well. Everyone was friendly and was happy to be there. The teachers made class interesting with humor and their awesome personalities. The great teachers made teaching the challenging curriculum of the school easy. Everybody forms a community when going to the varsity football games as it is a family friendly atmosphere with a great game of football playing. Many other sports programs in the school go to State and excel in their sports too. Our band plays exceptionally well and performs great during halftime shows along with our flag team. So many clubs and sports are offered to do what you like and spend time with the great friends that you make. I'm glad I got to my four high school years with my good buddies and make great memories at Northwest.
Northwest is devoted to helping students get ready for a college education. Their sports program is excellent. Most athletes are receiving letters from interested colleges and scholarships are being awarded. There is a wide variety of clubs and other activities for all students to participate in.
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