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Northwest Local School District (Cincinnati) Reviews

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Northwest Highschool is a very welcoming place everyone is always greeting with a smile on their face. You have many teachers and adults who care about your education and getting you to college debt free . The teachers are very discipline so students dont take highschool for granted because it is a stepping stone for college. At the end of the day Northwest High school is the place to be if you want to go to college they will get to were you need to be .
I've dealt with some terrible staff at Colerain Middle, Northwest High School and Colerain High School. The best part about this district is that it is trying to make the high school level better and that there are Butler Tech programs focused on making sure students are career ready.
I am a senior at colerain highschool, as much as I love this school... they only care about football. Our team is good but any other sport practically doesn’t exist. I’ve known state swimmers and runners but the school doesn’t pay for warm up jackets or anything of that matter. I’ve had to pay over 1,000 dollars for my swim gear these past years. Also academics are weak unless u are in the AP classes, yet there are not enough classes. The councilors don’t help with pushing kids to be their best and I have had no help looking for colleges. I’ve had to figure everything out on my own. Also what is with the new parking lot arrangements, it takes 40 mins just to get out of school because there is only one lane exiting the parking lot.
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I love everything about my school. I feel as though I get the best out of my education here. My teachers try their hardest to help us all understand. We work well as a team especially with our Slogan #NorthwestBetterTogether. While we may not be the most perfect school we try our hardest to make everyone feel safe and at home.
The discipline is weaker than what it needs to be. There are some teachers there who make it very obvious they do not want to be there which makes it less enjoyable. A lot of teachers don't actually teach as majority of the notes/lesson/lectures/homework is all online. The secretaries who answer the phones never know what you're talking about or the answer to your question.
They did nothing to keep another student away from me even after having a police report stating that the student had been harassing me. This made my senior year very difficult. I was also kicked out of an activity even though I had missed because I was at the doctor.
They are willing to listen to new ideas and help find solutions for problems that occur. They have an open communication with parents.
The Northwest Local School District has been an incredible place for me to receive an excellent education to prepare for college and to grow and learn in the community. Everyone is very involved in the district and the community always shows up to sporting events. The faculty is simply outstanding, and willing to do whatever it takes to help their students succeed, in and out of the classroom. I cannot heap enough praise on my school and district for all they have done throughout the years.
Similar to other school districts, NWLSD caters to their football team. The teach to the lower to middle students.
At Northwest try focused too much in the uniform and punishing kids for not following uniform rather than more seriousness items such as bullying, academics etc.
Quite honestly I didn't like anything about the school. Teachers do not care and students are ignorant and rude.
Northwest Highschool's safety and diversity among both staff and students make the high school where it is today. Graduating from the class of 2018 proved this, which as a business owner shows how supportive and great my former highschool is no matter who you are. Period.
I love everything about Northwest Local school District (Cincinnati) I wouldn't really change much but if I were to change anything it would be some of the teachers. Some teachers really love teaching and helping others while you can tell that a few others are there just to get paid.
Being a student in the Nwlsd area was very good at adjusting to anything that you needed help with all you had to do was ask a teacher or a faculty member. The Administration thought the district is phenomenal the rules are not hard to follow through everything is resonable, the security is up to par and there at all times when we need them. As for the teachers they do a excellent job at teaching at there best of there abilities and always ask if any are in need for extra help at all times.
This school has so much great school spirit and positive energy. Teachers are always willing to lend a hand, along with staying after school to give additional help. Many diverse classes are offered as well! Language department could improve on adding more languages
NWLSD is a wonderful school district. They put their students and faculty above all else, ready to help with questions and concerns. The diversity of the district is inviting to all students of many ethnicities. It could improve, however, on communication between administration and the students/teachers.
Northwest has allowed me to succeed and grow not only as a student but as a future leader. I have devoted 4 years of my life to this school and honestly I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've learned who I am and what I aspire to be. Northwest to me is a home away from home. I am lucky to be apart of the northwest family.
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I like northwest high school alot it very good school and recommend parents to.send there kids there
I think everything is really nice, the problems are just the students’ attitude! Some of them are not even friendly
I have had 3 children go through elementary to high school with NWLSD and it has had its ups and downs but for the most part I feel that it is a good district. The community is proud of the sports and music programs especially.
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