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Northwest Local School District (Canal Fulton) Reviews

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Northwest High School is an amazing school with extremely supportive staff members. The only negative thing I can say about it is that is not very diverse and since it is a small school, has a limited amount of classes.
Honestly I don't really think you need to change much here. One of the best schools in the state of Ohio and the teachers really can connect with you and really go out and give you a hand when needed. Administration is beyond expectations, and the sports are amazing ever since we joined the PAC-7 in the fall of the 2017 season.
Northwest High school provides an average education. Many of the teachers show honest care in the students academics and home lives. Principal Larry Tausch has done an excellent job turning the school around for the better.. However, for many students if you do have trouble keeping up in academics not much well tutoring is offered.
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I have went to Northwest all of my life and I enjoy going to school here. There are very good teachers here. Everyone is really nice and the teachers are good at preparing you for your future. The students are very interested in sports and other clubs. The food is good and the students feel pretty safe there. There is a wide variety of clubs and sports offered to the students. The parents are really involved with the students and their environment. Northwest is an excellent school and I am very happy that I am able to go there.
Northwest is a good school over all. I think we have a great friendly and encouraging environment for students. It's very close knit and everyone knows each other. I wish though, that there were more academic opportunities in the way of class options.
I love the school district. The teachers are amazing and care for you. The schools are all updated and new.
I am currently attending Northwest Local High School, and there are many things I do like about my school. The teachers are, for the most part, very nice and helpful. They make sure that their students are prepared for the testing at the end of the year and the next course in that subject. The buildings are very well-kept and clean. And, there are so many opportunities to get involved in groups, clubs, sports, choir, band, and whatever else you are interested in. But, there is one thing that I would like to see changed. A lot of stress is put on the younger students regarding the standardized testing. I understand that testing matters for graduation once you are taking high school classes, but I do not think that kids as young as seven or eight years old should have so much pressure on them to do well on the standardized tests. Overall, I am quite happy with many aspects of Northwest Local School District.
It has a great environment for students to grow and learn. The community cares about you and has a very welcoming feel to it. Teachers/administrators care about your future and want you to succeed after you leave.
Northwest is an all around "okay" school. From an academic standpoint, they give you resources and opportunities to learn. But at the same time, if you do not understand something, it doesn't matter. They will leave you completely in the dust. They will throw you to the wolves. The staff is fine, the administration is not anything special. If you want a mediocre education and high school experience, look no further.
Very tight knit school system with teachers that care for the students. I liked attending this school
I absolutely love Northwest. I'm graduating this year. This school is very safe as a whole. The only problems i had with it are the fact that it's in a very conservative town so many things are slow to change, such as being able to have an LGBT+ club at the high school and letting same sex couples go to dances. Also, the superintendent doesn't care at all about the teacher, the students, or the parents. He is completely self-centered and only does what helps him. That is all.
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