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It is an amazing school, there are a lot of nice people here and there are so many different electives, classes, and activities you can do here.
NISD has a very big area that it operates in and provides all the students with everything they need, This school district has a lot of technology it uses and is ahead of new education techniques I believe.
I met many wonderful teachers who were willing to make you a priority in their daily lives. As the only high school i ever attended i am very proud to have graduated from their, and i am very fortunate to have received the help i did to lead me in the right path by all the NISD staff!
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I went to Byron Nelson High School and I participated in multiple sports and maintained a high grade average. Northwest Isd prepared me for the technically advancing world and the collegiate lifestyle.
I graduated from Eaton high School, in the first graduating class. The school, and it's teachers were all amazing. When Eaton opened I was a sophomore, and before I went to Eaton I was at Byron Nelson, and loved both schools.
I have been in Nortwest ISD since I was in Kindergarden, this school district is the best school district in Texas by far, the students, teachers and administrators are amazing!
At this district I've had an overall positive experience, the teachers I've had through my 4 years so far have been great. I feel like I'm actually prepared well for college learning. But, on the other side must of the councilors seem incompetent at their job. They don't council us, they just talk about grades. There appears to also be a big issue with vapeular devices in the bathrooms.
It is great for students who want to get great education. They have a mostly excellent staff who is very helpful. I would fix the front office staff at certain schools though because they can be highly rude. Some of the teachers also need to be re-evaluated due to their teaching styles. Some of them can’t teach subjects as they should be taught.
As a senior at Northwest High School, I have had a positive experience throughout my schooling within Northwest ISD. Being a student within this district has enabled me to develop as an individual as well as academically. I have been involved with extracurricular activities, mainly football. Coaches, teachers, and staff members encouraged me as I have become a leader of the football team in my role as starting quarterback. I believe I am prepared to be successful in college and I plan to have a successful career.
The NISD School district is a place where schools offer different classes to learn about different careers. The classes give you an insight to many career choices available in the real world.
One of the things I like about Northwest Independent School District is our focus on the arts. Northwest includes theatre, choir, band, orchestra, dance, photography, media, etc. We excel in these areas as a district and receive heavy support from all administrators and facilitators.
One thing I would like to change about Northwest is the diversity in the district. Among the existing students and faculty, it would be nice to see more diversity throughout including gender diversity, involvement diversity, and racial diversity.
Northwest ISD is a great school district. They offer challenging coursework that prepares kids for college or any technical career they wish to pursue after graduating high school. The staff is invested in their students and dedicated to helping them succeed. They have multiple extra curricular activities that allow students to find new interests and provide real world experiences.
Great open learning curriculum which promotes creativity. Unfortunately they lack in student special services. Which is apparently a common issue according to my childs tutor (most of her clients are northwestisd). There is just not enough aid to help struggling students nor enough diversity like a reading teacher. (Other districts do have this) The school is not as safe as anyone can walk into the office. There have been issues along the lines of sexual abuse that were not discussed with parents nor addressed with students. If it weren't for the great teachers and supporting staff, this district would be no good at all.
Northwest ISD have given me the opportunity to show my character and interest through the classes it provided. I am in the Biomedical Sciences Academy and it really have pulled me towards more in the health field. I love the people and the projects that we worked. Each and every single activity is a new mystery so getting to explore all the different parts of the body and how it impacts human health.
They really make you feel important and want to learn. They make school fun and interesting. I love waking up every day and going to school.
Real issues are very uncommon at any level of school within the district, however when situations do arise many teachers/faculty members seem unequipped or unwilling to deal with them.
Very helpful staff really didn't let me fall behind. They were kind. I was a Northside Independent School District student from 4th grade to the graduation of high school. I never felt that I was in a bad district, because I know I wasn't. Even the high school I went to, which was also a title I Never made me feel inferior to other schools. My teachers during my senior year really prepared me for college and helped me get into schools I liked and could afford. The only downside was the school cafeteria food. It was good 8 years ago, not so much now.
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I am a graduate student from the NHS class of 2017. I was part of the STEM Academy. As such, a majority of my classes were in the academy, so I can not speak for the rest of the school. However, in my experience, my participation in the AP courses provided did not help me in any way in college. I was also in the band. As with most schools, the band was funded much lower than sports teams such as football, but Northwest did still have a great band program. Overall my experience was mainly positive, though I have friends that say otherwise.
I have always enjoyed this district and this is where I have gone all my life. Every school is nice and the schools have lots of money so it makes sense. The teachers are kind and the principals are very nice and helpful with many issues.
Northside ISD will always be in my heart. I attended JPSHS and was apart of Northside for 12 years and I loved the experience. My teachers were great k-12 they genuinely cared for the students. As for middle school my band became family and I enjoyed my time in athletics they have great extracurricular activity’s. In High school I feel like nobody beats northside in terms of the experience you get with education, opportunity and extracurricular excitement. As a graduate I know do my student teaching in northside and it’s been an amazing experience.
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