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It’s an average high school with sports and education most important. They need to work more on the bullying because they don’t seem to realize how bad it actually is. Also treat the performing arts, music, and arts as important as sports.
I have loved my expierence at Northwest High school mostly because of the music program and the teachers. Music has become my life and passion through the help of my band and choir directors. I have completely been shaped as a person by their care and guidance. I have only had one teacher that I didn’t not enjoy and the rest have been amazing. My English teachers in particularly have all been amazing and really helped me to become an independent thinker who can analyze and problem solve. All I hope to change at northwest is the administration. Sometimes they just pick and choose which groups of the school to care about and help. Many kids get looked over and ignored because they aren’t an athlete. Aside from that, the building itself needs more care but our staff does as much as they can with what they’re given.
Northwest is a school where you have many opportunities and a great staff to support you along the way.
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I liked the facilities. It’s very clean and smells fresh, because of all the remodeling! The sports aren’t to good here... I played soccer for 4 years on varsity. Our team was never very good! The academics/teachers were very good and put together. I felt like I actually learned something when they taught us!
My experience at Northwest Community Schools was a positive one. The faculty truly cares about their students, and they have done a good job creating a fun and nurturing environment that many Mounties are proud of. If I could change one thing, I would ask that they focus more on preparing students for their futures. As a student who went on to college, I was very unprepared for the level of schooling that I entered. However, I will say that Northwest Community Schools taught me how to have positive interactions with every kind of person, and I am grateful for that.
I have moved here from East Jackson. I am so glad that I did because I have had learned so much more at this school than at my old school. The teachers are really nice and are willing to help you with whatever you need. My SAT scores were way better than I expected and I believe that he curriculum taught here was the reason for that.
My experience in the Northwest Community has always stayed to a high satisfaction. As one of the seniors, I've watched the school district changed from a district that was said to be not the friendliness of people to a helpful and thriving community.
Great parent involvement. Kids are happy there. They feel safe and teachers are helpful and approachable. Excellent couselors also.
Northwest Schools is probably the best school in Jackson. We have the best music department with numerous awards and first division ratings at district and state festivals. The staff are all respectful and do the best job preparing everyone for life or next level of education.
I go to the high school, but I wasn't at Northwest for elementary of middle school. It's pretty good, there's a nice range of classes. The teachers are generally pretty nice, most of them are good at teaching. There aren't a lot of AP classes or language options.
I enjoyed the sense of family at Northwest. Although like most things politics plays at huge role at Northwest. This impacts sports and academics.
Northwest is a great community. There schools are top of line and so are the staff. I can always count on all of them to put a smile on my face.
Northwest is welcoming and happy. The teachers are energetic, helpful, and caring. The school district is abundant with school spirit and as an alumni I still feel Mountie pride! I'm proud to have been a part of the wonderful drama club and choirs at Northwest.
I've noticed right from the time I enrolled my kids in Northwest Schools, that they take Pride in the children's education.
If a teacher feels your child needs help in a certain area, they are on top of it right away & have meetings with parents & other school staff, to come up with plans on helping your child. At every school, they meet 'Weekly' (every Wednesday) to go over class materials, assignments & dicuss how they think things are going, so they can make adjustments where they see fit.
Northwest is 100% involved in our children's education & I couldn't be more pleased.
Northwest Community schools is a place of showing others your individuality and kindness. I've gone to this school my whole life and its become like my second family. Every tries to include others, the teachers (even though some may seem mean) they just want you to have the best education inoder to have a bright future, we have the most amazing schoolwide event/assemblies/projects, and our school pride really does show. The counselors will work with you on anything you need; including classes, GPA's, credits, scholarships, college, counseling, etc. We are a community that build each other up and when someone bring another down there's always others who will help you get back on your feet. We may have a few mishaps or fights every now and then but what school doesn't? These situations are dealt with in an adultly manner. I'm glad to of spend 13 years of my of my life being a part of this district!
Northwest is the most excepting school I have ever attended. Judgmental free for all students, no matter their race or sexuality. They also care about students safety. They do everything possible to make feel students accepted. As a current senior, I have made a student after school program for students with mental issues called Breaking Chains. It's also a programs for students who don't suffer to become stronger leaders.
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