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All the teachers that have taught me have always been there to push me to be the best that I can be.
Moving from a different school district to this one is one of the best things that could of ever happened to me. It allowed to me experience a variety of different classes that my old school did not offer, and also join a few clubs. One group I loved joining was champions together, which allowed to me to work with special needs kids. I made numerous friendships I never knew I could. It also helped me to realize how important college truly is, and helped me to decide t apply to Indiana University and Ball state University.
I like that a lot of the classes are somewhat rigorous, so that I am more prepared for when i go to college and most of my classes are of high difficulty. On the other hand, I am not a fan of the food and it isn't diverse at all.
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I use to attend FWCS before I transferred to NACS. I loved my experience at NACS and felt like I received a great education, but I wish there was more diversity.
Northwest Allen County schools is a great school district located in Fort Wayne. It offers a multitude of programs for it's students which help them to succeed in life and in the workforce. This district boasts some of the highest test scores in the region, consistently placing in the top of many metrics. This district does have some issues with diversity with it being in an area of majority Caucasian population. For some students coming from other districts, culture shock could face them. Overall, NACS is a district that cares about their students success and does anything it can to promote that success.
Carroll High School is a very prestigious school that challenges its students in every aspect; academics, sports, arts, clubs, and extracurricular activities. Examples of the unique challenges offered at Carroll is their Organic and Biochemistry class, or their debate teams.
Its esteemed stature can only be provided through the staff. Being a former student myself I can say that from art classes to history, the faculty and staff approach teaching from various perspectives to encourage, motivate, and open the eyes of students to the world.
Northwest Allen County schools is a very good school district. The only thing I feel that needs changed is they need another high school very badly!! It is a proven fact that children learn better when the class size isnt over crowed due for many reasons and Carroll High School has entirely way to many students and the students and teachers are suffering for it and its only going to get worse because there are more and more people moving to the area. There has been an increased number of new housing additions and apartments currently being built and have been built over the past few years and currently. Theres only so much room in a school. Other then that which is very important Northwest Allen County School district is a very good school and I have no other concerns. I have had 2 children graduate from Carroll high school and 2 more that attend Northwest Allen and I wouldn't choose any other school for my children to attend!
Overall, I have had a relatively positive experience in the NACS school district. The majority of the classes I've taken have been honors classes, and they have offered an academic challenge that will most likely be beneficial to rigor I may have to face in college. In my personal experience with NACS, one of its best characteristics has been the arts programs. I am a photography student, and I have had an exceptional experience in the program, which I believe is almost entirely in result of my amazing teacher. All the fine arts teachers are well-trained, experienced, and willing to be there for their students. I am also a band student. I am very grateful for the opportunities that are available through the NACS band program. The jazz program, especially is flourishing, both in schools, and in the surrounding community in general. One thing NACS may need to work on would be continuation of seeking to decrease drug/alcohol use. It would be very beneficial to the student body.
Northwest Allen County School is an excellent school district in the Fort Wayne Area. One of the strengths Carroll High School has is its plethora of opportunities for students to get involved and try something new with its many clubs, languages, and programs. It also provides several AP classes that allows students to challenge themselves and prepare themselves for college.
NACS was a great school system. I feel lucky to have attended such a great school. The teachers were dedicated to student success and were very personable, and the facilities are in great shape. There is a wide variety of extracurricular activities for students to participate in, and even the cafeteria food was good. My teachers really pushed me to do my best in my classes. I entered college with a great set of skills for success, and I know that Northwest Allen helped me develop and recognize my skills.
Northwest Allen County is a generally nice place to go to schools. In other school districts in Fort Wayne, schools are a bit rougher. I have gone to school in this district since second grade, and I have had a relatively good experience.
The thing that I like about NACS is the fact that is a very safe and well taught school. There's not very much about it that I would for sure change but the only thing that seems like it's out of place is that the students' behavior isn't all too great. The thing that makes a school corporation a good one is the fact that the faculty are able to control how students should really act in a school environment but I don't really so it going all too well here.
The Administration is not nice or pleasant to deal with. The teachers can be kind and enjoyable sometimes, and other teachers can be awful and make you question why they even became a teacher. The diversity is pretty bad here. Northwest Allen County is primarily white. My school has been trying to attempt to raise college readiness but the have only been doing mediocre attempts, however the sports here are always great. A lot of people do sports and the sports teams go very far every season.
Northwest Allen County Schools is the best school district in Fort Wayne for any kid to attend. They have wonderful faculty, who are a blessing to have teaching kids. The students are very nice and respectful, especially of the special needs kids, which is a kind is respect that can’t be found in other schools. The academics offered can’t be compared with the surrounding districts, such as Fort Wayne Community.
I like the rigor of the Northwest Allen County schools. They really prepare you not only for college, but for the "real" world. The school itself is large and spacious with plenty of room for all kinds of classes. In addition, the teachers are really quite superb as they help teach lessons, administer tests, and tutor. The only thing I would change about Carroll High School is diversifying and adding a wider variety of subjects that the students can take.
My kids have had a wonderful experience in NACS. They are well prepared for college and life, the teachers are skilled and knowledgeable, and there are many activities in which they can get involved.
Personally, I pack my lunch everyday because I am not a huge fan of the cafeteria food, but it is very nice that they have a lot of lunch line options for students, and some of my friends swear by some of the entrees or sides. I have been told that students that graduate from this district find their first year or two of college easy, versus their peers who are struggling. Overall, NACS is a great school district- I'm going to miss it when I graduate.
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great school district, school was slightly too strict for a publish school, but ill say that the school prepared me for college and acedemic success
I really feel proud to come from NACS. It is such a special community where everyone truthfully feels like one big family, from kindergarten all the way up to administration in all of the schools. The students are all grateful of the facilities we are blessed with. Also, the staff is all eagerly willing to help with an academic or personal issue and always seem to honestly care about the well being of the students.
Excellent school district, children are very well educated. Teachers are good, they listen, they interact and also let the parents know where the child needs help
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