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Northville Public Schools produces amazing students and people. Their students end up being great people and understand the value of hard-work. NPS is an overall wonderful school system.
I like how involved all of the teachers are in the students' lives. They really want us to learn and enjoy the experience. Northville schools are very competitive which pushes kids to try harder, but also puts a lot of stress on everyone. Overall, Northville is a great school district and provides kids with a great education.
An excellent school system with great teachers who care about their students. I totally recommend Northville for an new families.
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I love Northville Schools for providing a rigorous academic course and constantly pushing students to do their best. However, the school should improve on helping students manage intense stress.
Liked the class offerings and availability of counselors. Did not feel there were enough sports teams for the amount of students; it limits those who want to play but cannot get a spot. Felt it was all up to who your parents know. Drama club was too clicky and the same students get casted play after play. Drop off was ridiculous - need to stagger starts times.
The teachers overall are fantastic. Some teachers are not amazing, but like that happens everywhere, no matter how much you pay for schools.
Some of the teachers are great, they care and try their best to get the students to understand and learn the material. Others just hand out busy work and don’t really provide any work that’s challenging or rewarding. The hight school is not so great but getting better at understanding mental health issues, they listen to students and implement any changes they can that the students suggest.
The people in the school are all very intelligent, and they value arts and athletics, all the teachers are very helpful, and nice, but all of the hard classes comes at the cost of our mental health, and in most cases many feel stressed and have anxiety.
Majority of the teachers love what they're doing and truly want to see your child succeed. I also enjoyed the great involvement of the community and parents in the students who played sports or are a part of drama or music. Its in a very safe city and each student leaves the high school feeling ready to begin college (if they choose that path).
Northville Public Schools does a good job hiring teachers who care about their students and know how to teach in a understanding manner.
As a Sikh, I never felt prejudiced against for my turban. I was to take many AP courses and thanks to the help of my guidance counselor I was able to have a smooth college applications process.
Northville High School is a very large school filled with large opportunities for all the students. Ranging from class-based internships to many college credit opportunities, Northville goes above and beyond in their way to help each and every student succeed in their own goals in life.
I liked the atmosphere of Northville High School and how much the counselors actively help you succeed to the best of your ability. The thing that I would change is to all students to take more online classes.
Northville High School has helped me grow into the student I am today. With a variety of classes and rigorous coursework, NHS has set me on the path of success for college. One particular the high school adopted is blended learning; this is a type of schedule which gives students one class period to sleep in or talk to teachers for extra help. Although NPS is set on making every student as successful as possible, I wish that the administration would focus more on students’ mental health rather than just grades and activities. As a junior, trying to balance the coursework from my AP and honors classes, clubs, volunteer work, and preparing for the SAT is stressful to say the least. I hope the the Northville Public School administration and staff will take that into account to make a better, healthier Northville.
I love the school. Helped me become successful and get into the college of my dreams. They well prepared me for college and I felt comfortable entering college even though its a big step.
Northville provides students of all ages with a supportive and resourceful education. Students are encouraged to persue their interests through a variety of classes, clubs, and activities. Standards are set high, and students are taught to believe they can reach the high expectations. I would like to see more diversity in Northville, making students who are different feel as though they have people who are alike within the school district.
A wonderful public school that puts their children's education first. They provide students with the newest technology such as Apple Macs, smart boards, I Pads, and Chrome Books.
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Northville public schools is a great school system to grow up in. As with any journey, I had a couple of bumps along the way but all in all I got a wonderful education, met wonderful people and had an overall great experience.
I enjoyed attending Northville High School and previous Northville Public Schools. I found that the teachers were incredibly nice and did their job extremely well. However, my one complaint was the slight safety of students driving to school on the icy roads early in the morning. Besides that its, in my opinion, one of the best school districts out there.
The best part about the school is it's strong academic standings and opportunities. It is still adding onto it's curriculum to give students the best opportunities possible, which makes it great. However, cost of living makes it inaccessible to some people that would want to go there.
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