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Our school has made many technological and structural advancements after going through our Capitol Project. The class sizes are small so you are able to make personal connections to the teachers which has proven to be very helpful.
This is a place that can either be the best place or the worst place for you socially. Belonging to an extremely small town, if you come in from the outside, consider yourself shunned. The curriculum consists of learning nothing in class and coming home with about seven assignments to complete by the next day (not exaggerating), with the exception of the fun teacher in between all of the horrible ones. Oh, and don't even get me started on the food that breaks the health code left and right. Pretty much everybody is a cisgender white person here, so good luck with that as well. The only positives are that the soccer team is great, there are virtually no crime, and the PTA is popular, but that is really just a power game to ensure certain things happen.
If you are moving to the nearby area, go to Mayfield instead, a far superior school that is right next door. Otherwise, you will regret going here.
The class sizes remain small which allows for better student to teacher interaction. Resulting in better academic performance and college readiness.
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A lot of the time, the teachers are not chosen based on their qualifications. They are chosen on who they know/are related to. I guess that is what happens in a small town. They cannot handle difficult students. I once saw a student encouraged to drop out of school his senior year because he was a difficult student (mouthy and had a temper, would get mad and walk about of class but nothing extreme). They are definitely not there for the students.
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