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I am a student at Northview and I love the community that surrounds the school. Not only are the students and staff amazing but also the families and small businesses near the school.
Most of the teachers clearly hate their job and some have even admitted to me that they hate kids. However, there are a few great ones that love teaching and do it very well.
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I attended Northview Public Schools k-12. I absolutely enjoyed all the years I spent at this school. The school, the students, the faculty, and the community all became a family to me. The academic support, extracurricular activities, and opportunities at Northview are phenomenal. I could not ask for a better experience or education. As an adult, I would recommend this school to all my peers because of its endless possibilities. I would not take back any of the years I spent at Northview Public Schools.
What I like most about Northview public schools is the teachers structured teaching specifically to teach other students about real world situations. Such as taking respponsibility, giving effort to something we as students aspire to accomplish, as well as finding something we are passionate about and finding a career that we love. My experience at the school was pretty verstile since there were always people moving in and out of the district. I was able to meet people from germany or mexico or even kids i'd never met that lived on my block. I found that I could get out of my comfort zone within the school because of the diversity that was absorbed in our community. To be honest I wouldn't change that for the world because it enabled me to understand someone else's perspective of life and learning that everyone struggles in life. That's when I discovered we could be whatever we wanted even if we didn't believe in it ourselves, we could do it.
At Northview, the teachers and the staff is like no other. They are all very friendly and care about not only just your education, but personal life too. They are truly preparing you for what lies ahead.
I couldn’t have met better teachers or students anywhere else in the world, the teachers are strict, but not so strict that you can’t socialize, the kids I met, best people ever, and I couldn’t recommend any other school to go to. I was a student by the way, people gave me a few nicknames too, to make school a little more fun, like Joe Mama!
Northview high school created an atmosphere that was not alienating to anyone. It was a culture of acceptance and general betterment, where people had each other's backs and people had pride in the name Northview.
Northview is a fantastic school system for the Grand Rapids area. It provides a safe, educational environment. Although it has it's flaws, what school system doesn't. Bonus: the district is the only in the area to have American Sign Language (ASL) classes, and NO pay-to-play sports!!
I have a two kids that attend northview. One child has ADHD and speech classes and has had a difficult time with getting the help needed from the school.
I liked the opportunities they had for us, such as dual enrollment, KCTC, etc. I didn't like the teaching style though. Most of the teachers I had seemed to despise their job and used the same methods with every single class, every year, but learning is different now than it was in the 60's, sometimes it's time to get new text books and teach kids a new way.
Everyone is involved with everything and they all encourage everyone to go to extracellular activity's.
When entering Northview I really enjoyed the welcoming environment. I was able to quickly find a friend group and felt very included in the school. I felt as if I was known by my counselor and not just another student. Everyone at the school seemed to be happy to be there and eager to learn. The teachers especially made the transition easy for me as they were understanding when I needed help and were always available to offer help. They would make sure every student understood the material and if a student did not understand the teacher would meet one on one with that student. As I continued to further my education I found this to be even more true. Two of my teachers went as far as taking one night a week where you could go in and meet with them any time after school until nine at night. This was very helpful to me because it allowed me to work on my homework while also getting the help that I needed on the spot.
Northview is overall an amazing school and I enjoyed my time there.
All of the teachers that I had academically go past just being teachers, they personally would like to see you succeed in life and take care in making sure that happens for you.
Northview is a great school and I have enjoyed my school experience here. The teachers are all very helpful in the classroom because they want the best for you and they want you to learn and give you the help you need to make that connection in whatever you are learning. I feel accepted here even though every student is at a different stage in their learning. Northview’s foundation is to “prepare kids for life’s next step” and Northview is 100% fulfilling that statement.
Northview High School offered a wide variety of classes for me to take and for other students to take depending on what they wanted to pursue in their college careers. They have an incredible and friendly teaching staff who are dedicated to your students education. The environment is positive and loving and the athletic and music programs give students a wide range of activities to choose from.
Something I like about Northview is the freedom that we as students have. What I would like to see change is the way bus drivers and teachers treat/talk to the students.
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The Northview community is one that stands out because of the support and care that is spread throughout the district. Northview Public Schools goal is to prepare students for life’s next step and that is a very obvious goal though all grades. I have noticed throughout my 11+ years that it is a community that you won’t want to leave.
My high school experience could have been better. I don't really have a lot to complain about, but I came to Northview as a freshman and it was difficult for me to find my place since everyone already knew everyone and I was super shy. For the most part, the students were nice. Northview is like any other school. Some teachers played favorites. The academics were alright. Some classes you just crushed but some were very difficult with little assistance.
My experience at Northview Public Schools has overall been very good. The staff is amazing, and the courses are interesting and rigorous when they should be.
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