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Northview is a great school and I have enjoyed my school experience here. The teachers are all very helpful in the classroom because they want the best for you and they want you to learn and give you the help you need to make that connection in whatever you are learning. I feel accepted here even though every student is at a different stage in their learning. Northview’s foundation is to “prepare kids for life’s next step” and Northview is 100% fulfilling that statement.
Northview High School offered a wide variety of classes for me to take and for other students to take depending on what they wanted to pursue in their college careers. They have an incredible and friendly teaching staff who are dedicated to your students education. The environment is positive and loving and the athletic and music programs give students a wide range of activities to choose from.
Something I like about Northview is the freedom that we as students have. What I would like to see change is the way bus drivers and teachers treat/talk to the students.
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The Northview community is one that stands out because of the support and care that is spread throughout the district. Northview Public Schools goal is to prepare students for life’s next step and that is a very obvious goal though all grades. I have noticed throughout my 11+ years that it is a community that you won’t want to leave.
My high school experience could have been better. I don't really have a lot to complain about, but I came to Northview as a freshman and it was difficult for me to find my place since everyone already knew everyone and I was super shy. For the most part, the students were nice. Northview is like any other school. Some teachers played favorites. The academics were alright. Some classes you just crushed but some were very difficult with little assistance.
My experience at Northview Public Schools has overall been very good. The staff is amazing, and the courses are interesting and rigorous when they should be.
Love this school, has given me soooo many great expireces and a lot of knowledge. Such a great school makes me happy when I go there and my friend are there waiting for me. Everything is v we y close and everyone is so nice,you just got to know the good people.
I loved going to school here and would want to change a thing about it. The thing I will miss most is the teachers. A lot of the teachers were super understanding about things when you weren’t in school for something and would work around your schedule to get you caught up on the work you missed or assessments.
Not a very good math student but do well in all other courses but what doesn’t help is that most of the teachers just cruise over the teaching part and just give you the homework, so that definitely doesn’t help me.
I’ve been going to northview my entire life and have mostly loved it. I’ve built great friendships there and even found my long term boyfriend there. The activities and different clubs are so involving and welcoming. The sports are pretty fun especially to attend since I didn’t really get into sports. The only thing I would change would be how certain stuff is handled and figured out.
I enjoyed their sports program and made many friends through playing! The facilities for the Northview public school system were top notch and made me proud the be apart. The teachers and administration were excellent in preparing us for college and really giving us a sense of what things were going to look like once we graduated high school.
Overall I loved going to school at Northview! I was new my freshman year and I didn't know anyone. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. We even have clubs that it's sole purpose is to promote talking to peers and spreading diversity. At this school the 'popular' kids are the ones that reach out and get involved that make everyone feel included. This is at least how I have experience this school, I know some may disagree with me. Everyone is going to see something from their point of view and no one person's point of view will be the same or the right one. Northview knows this and tries its best to embrace everyone's point of view.
I love the environment. I feel safe and included. I feel beyond prepared for college next fall. There is an endless amount of extracurricular activities to get involved in.
Northview is a warm and welcoming environment. I am in my senior year of high school and I advise all incoming students to take pride in our school. Although it is a public school, our school shows they are preparing students for life's next step.
I enjoyed my time at Northview. The extracurriculars, such as choir, art and the drama department, were very well done and fun to be involved in. However, my guidance counselor was a little overworked, and it was tough to get meetings with him to discuss potential college scholarship opportunities, a subject that is important to me.
I like the teachers for the most part, Northview offers plenty of challenging classes, my coaches in sports have been good. Overall it has been a positive experience but it definitely could have been better.
As a student I did not care a whole lot about school. There was only a few teachers that care, and half the time I was scared to go back mainly because there was a lot of bullying that the school said they didn't allow. But when I would stick up for myself they would punish me.
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The staff was very helpful and caring. The teachers were willing help and try to teach in different ways, to allow everyone to understand the content. Northview has many sport teams, clubs, as well has classes that are specific to your liking, like photography, art, and choir/band.
Northview High School is my school of choice. I transferred from a charter school and I will say it was a shock going into a public school. Although, the shock didn't last long. My peers accepted myself along with all other transferred students, so somewhere and someone taught these kids to be including. The school is very proud of the diversity inside its walls, and I will say there is a large mixture or races, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and so on. Northview had a recent renovation and almost all the technology in the building was upgraded or replaced which is a huge plus to us students that rely on all things technology to get us through our classes. Speaking on that, I believe most of the time the teachers turn us loose on the Internet to learn the criteria instead of sitting us down and teaching us or even showing a physical, in the same room example. Overall Northview High School is a pretty solid school; nothing is ever perfect, but they do try.
Some teachers did not seem to be concerned about their students doing well. Sports teams were often made up of kids whose parents were influential in the district.
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