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Northumberland County Public Schools Reviews

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It is okay. I feel some things could be better. They are okay academically. There are some aspects they could improve learning wise. The teachers are good with providing hands on learning techniques. There are not many clubs and activities at all. Being a senior, that is one thing that I will look back on and wish my school had more of. There are not many programs for students to get involved in outside of sports. The school is pretty diverse but the majority of students are white. The school preps you pretty well for college, and provides a safe environment.
I enjoyed my time at Northumberland High School more than most, if not all, of my peers. I truly believe that highschool is as fun as you make it and if you get involved, you will have fun. My school did a great job of providing opportunities for students to enjoy their high school career both in and out of the school. I credit them for my love of the place that I have grown up and for introducing me to amazing faculty and friends.
I learned many lessons here. It is pretty safe and for the many of the faculty has the best intentions for the students and their future.
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Being at Northumberland County since I was in Pre K changed my life. I learned to love my friends and peer and to be very confident in yourself. The Academics at my schools has improved my way of learning and to teach others who don't understand the material. Being at Northumberland taught me to be assertive and to help others in need. And especially, it taught me to be myself.
I grew up in Northumberland County and overall the school system is decent. I would love to see some new higher level classes added to challenge those kids who feel like regular classes are too easy.
Northumberland Schools are very proud of its people who were born in the area. They do tend to alienate those who move there from other schools. I would like to see a more competitive sportsmanship from its students.
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