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I have met some spectacular teachers. Some of the policies need some improving. They need to allow the students to learn by not rushing the concepts. To prevent this rush they should take out concepts that are not tested, so students can spend some quality time learning the necessary topics.
Personally my experience hasn't been very good. I think the school needs to take better care of their students and faculty. Lots of teachers kept disappearing leaving classes without teachers and it would effect my grades. The campus isn't taken care of. There are always fights. The school food is really bad and probably illegal. The school- is literally falling apart. The arts department isn't funded at all.
There’s was many opportunities to join several organizations. The district itself is very diverse therefore, it allowed me to connect, learn and make friends with people carrying different cultures.
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I would like to see an improvement in teacher-student communication for college readiness. Most classes prepare students for college; however, majority do not show students the real world tactics of college student level. Ap and Ap Dual classes help but that does not mean it prepares us as much as we think it does. College is a higher level and it can be more than students should handle. I think there should be multiple talks about college readiness to prepare students to make them well aware for students the reality of the next step from high school.
I am currently a senior at Warren High school. I feel that the administration make no effort to talk to us and only care for other admins. This year many students are applying to college, but only because of AVID i did not know how to apply. The district does not help ready you for class until the last minute.
My experience at Northside Independent School District was overall good. I spent my you younger years, to my oldest years in this district. I enjoyed myself and loved being apart of the community.
since im in the north side district i have noticed that the community stays together and everyday they tried to give the opportunities to kids to go to college and get scholarships. they really want their students to have a good future and to be successful, so they could represent the high school. Also in this district there's very good athletes.
I feel this school has properly prepared me for college in all ways I could have asked for. The environment was very friendly and academically inclined. The amount of knowledge I have carried with me from this school is ineffable to that of any other.
The Health Careers Campus is older and not in good shape. They could improve the campus and make more room for students.
It is a great school. The teachers and staff take the time to meet the needs of every student. A change I would see is in middle school have a nice administrative staff.
Northside has been a very good school district for my whole academic career. The teachers are good at their jobs and I haven't had a bad one, the schools have been well put together and safe, and the area is nice.
I would like to see William H. Taft add in more modern floors and add more school pride around the school. I did attend a private school last year and this school is a challenge compared to the private school. With all my teachers I have been able to connect with them in a way that helps or helped my learning.
I loved being apart of this amazing public school district. Being in this school district opened my eyes and gave me opportunities for my future. At Taft High School , I was offered the ability to earn my Cosmetology License and many more academic credits. Having Cosmetology open to me really brought inspiration to my life. Having a license in Cosmetology gave me many opportunities and different career paths for my future. i am more than thankful and appreciative for the amazing benefits Northside Independent School District have given me.
moving from a very small school into a north side school was a huge change for me the school is well organized it has great teachers, and is very attentive to their students.the education was great and the boost in my grades was insane north side district made me value my education more and lets me know i am always taken care.
I personally really enjoyed my experiences as a student here but they really need to work who they let work as teachers here. The food could also definitely receive an upgrade. The overall school atmosphere is generally really full of cheer and whenever it comes to games, like football, we come together and cheer on and have a good time together. Regardless, my last year is going really good so far and I really can't complain about how it's going.
It was fun and I enjoyed myself the time I was in school and I would love for my kids in the future to attend the same school I attended and for them to have as much fun as I did when I went to highschool
I enjoyed most of school years with Northside..the district is ever evolving and always keeps in mind with the students best interests at hand.
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I've been in the North side school district for 3 years at Tom C. Clark High School. The community is great, they strive to make you the best you can be, and the students are all friendly and helpful, making my transition from North East Independent School District to Northside Independent School Distict very enjoyable.
I’m currently enrolled in a school within the Northside Independent School District. I am a senior this year, enjoying every second while I still can in Highschool. This district has made many strives and efforts to to keep their faculty and students safe from harms way. While also keeping up with the growing culture around the area to make everyone here happy and healthy. Whether it be from the staff that they hire to make each and every day for the students a living and exciting learning atmosphere for them. To the individual custodians that take the time to learn everyone’s name and enjoy what they’re doing.
I liked the diversity that there is in Northside, you see a lot of different cultures everywhere you go. The one thing I would change is some of the administration rules that they have.
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