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I have had a great experience with Northshore School District. Overall, the teachers are very qualified and care about the students. Our school district is very diverse and we have a very involved community.
I have been to the Northshore district for four years now. I started when I was in eight grade over there and I have been to Skyview Middle School and North Creek High School. The staff are great, the teachers and administration is very willing to help you out in your educational needs and whatever else you would like. The facilities are very new and amazing. In Skyview, they just added a new building which is clean and modern and amazing. North Creek High School was a brand new school that they opened, and I was so lucky to go there. It is very clean, the facilities are brand new, and it is just great. Northshore school district has a very advanced curriculum and they stress academics a lot. They also have a lot of good sports teams and clubs as well.
A friendly environment with teachers who only want to help their students. Has modern day technology and provides students with all their needs, including counseling, textbooks, and help from teachers.
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I had a pretty good experience with Northshore. I grew up attending Northshore schools and have always noticed that everyone was really organized and made sure to take account opinions from students, teachers, and parents. There were a couple of times where they would make schedule changes to the high schools that would not favor the students but eventually, everyone would get used to the new changes. Everyone was very proactive in the students' educations and noticeably worked hard to make sure that both students and their parents felt comfortable in the school and work environment.
I've had a great experience with the Northshore School District over the last 6 years. The academics are excellent, the activities are great, and the teachers and faculty are amazing!
I love north shore. I've had so many great experiences at north shore schools, and met life long friends that will be by my side forever. I adore every teacher, and I'm so glad I could attend north shore schools for my whole childhood.
Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. Thank you for the great high school experience even after i had been in two high schools before Bothell in two other states with other grad requirements. They worked with me to get the credits I needed.
I like how this school district is highly sought after, inclusive, and diverse in many ways. They know how to make sure things are fair and employ excellent teachers. You can tell the teachers love their job and care about their students immensely. The teachers clearly enjoy teaching the subjects they teach. I am in running start and I feel like this school district helped me get ready for college really well. I always feel very safe and I am comfortable with being myself. They always find ways to allow parents to
be involved as well as students. They also always form new programs for students.
I love our super attendant. She’s a G. We had two weeks off of school due to a snow storm (which is very uncommon in Western WA). Michelle is here to keep us safe.
I have been in the Northshore school district since kindergarten and it has always been a close community. Although there is a disappointing teacher/staff member here and there, our connection holds us together. With great emphasis on academics as well as arts, culture and activities, this district holds good balance within its schools.
The teachers are great and the school community is strong. There is a lot of parent involvement. North Creek HS offers classes I wouldn't have been able to take elsewhere. They even allow you to earn college credits through College in the High School. However, it is overcrowded!
Northshore is a very revered school district within the eastside of Washington State. Schools are in mostly affluent areas like Bothell and Woodinville, which leads to good work environments and school environments.
This district has a 24-credit requirement for graduation meaning every class in high school must be passed in order to move on, which I think personally sets a very high expectation for all of the students AND teachers to do their best, allowing the district to excel in prosperous students and staff. The athletics in my opinion are pretty dominant in the state, and most teams from any of the 4 high schools will likely go to state, creating a fun and spirited crowd of students.I think the administration can be a little overpowering at times, and I feel like they don't listen to the students as much as they can and are all about protecting themselves sometimes, but for the most part things are worked out quickly and efficiently which I appreciate.
The things I liked the most about the Northshore School District is the teachers willingness to help you gain a better understanding of the content. Not only do I think that the Northshore school district is very good but, the way that the staff and students get along with one another is outstanding, it is as they are family and they care about those they work with. This family vibe has stayed a grounding part of the Northshore School District since the day I was in kindergarten. Ever year the school would sponsor multiple cook outs as well as other activities for families to enjoy.
Overall this is a really good school district, the teachers are knowledgeable and kind, they offer regular and advanced courses and all their schools are pretty safe. All the schools have very modern technology and give their students every opportunity to succeed in the classroom.
It has a much more friendly environment than other districts and is very accepting. There are many opportunities offered within the district and each of the schools. The facilities are nice and fairly well kept.
I like the teachers, well most of them some I feel are not that dedicated in seeing their students succeed. They put the majority of the money into football, soccer, and basketball and disregard other sports such as swimming.
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The community in the district is AMAZING! Teachers are very much appreciated there, which I believe is very important now and days. The teachers are also so caring for their students and community it is something very special.
It’s teacher really care about their students. The spirit is awesome. And the atmosphere is amazing. I’ve had a lot better experience than at my past High school
I like the student life in the Northshore School District but the teachers at some of the high schools could be better.
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