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my friend got food poising we all are depressed I dont know how to spell because of this school districtis
Northshore School District has done a great job of accommodating its students, especially during the pandemic. Instructions on how to continue schooling during the crisis have been clear and sensible. They obviously care for their students and provide plenty of resources to prove it.
I think this should be renamed for NSD -- North Shore school District to No School District. First in the nation to close, will be the last to reopen.
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I give the Norshore School District 4 stars because of the diversity, the many different class options, and the after school activities.
The Norshore School District is very diverse. There are students from many different countries. This gives students a more diverse perspective. The reason why there isn’t 5 stars is because most of the teachers are white and the custodians are Asian.
Another great thing about the school district is the class elective options. There are options that support a lot of different career options. Such as STEAM, culinary arts, historian, teacher, etc.
The final reason is the after school activities. There are so many different teams and clubs that compete and some that don’t. That gives students so many options to get together with each other and build a community. These reasons are why I give the Norshore School District 4 stars.
I like how there is no tolerance for bullying in the North Shore school district. I always felt safe with many teachers and staff I could go to with any problem.
Overall I really liked my experience in Northshore Schools. I have liked all my classes and all the teachers are super helpful. I'm very happy that I got to go to the schools that I did.
Mostly great teachers, with a handful of extremely vindictive ones. Not enough effort to discipline kids who are racist, sexist, or homophobic.
Nothing too special an average school district who is doing a very good job with their online schooling during the pandemic.
In the 12 years, I experienced at Northshore School District I would say that one of the best parts about the schools is the amazing teachers that I have been taught by. Their patience, respect, and passion for teaching made me actually like school and want to come to school every day to learn something new. I had a special relationship with each of my teachers and am so thankful to have them in my life because I wouldn't be the young woman I am today without their encouragement and their ability to push me to make me stronger. I have felt that at the administrated district level there could be more connection, especially with the coronavirus right now. I understand that they have a lot going on and have to refer to the Governor's laws but I just wish there has been more common sense when looking to senior events and graduation. I know so many other states are doing whatever they can to make graduation somewhat in person but I just haven't felt that reassurance and hope from them.
The teachers clearly about each individual student. Our facilities are up-to-date, accessible, and clean. Our AP programs could be a bit more rigorous. Overall, NSD is an enjoyable district to learn in!
In this COVID-19 crisis, I am disappointed in the action that NSD has taken because it has restricted resources and learning opportunities to many of its students and as a result, we are falling behind other school districts in the area. In the case of academic competitions and clubs, NSD restricted students attendance to state competitions even though the administration has no responsibility for our safety at these competitions. This choice prevented me and my classmates from being able to compete and show off the 6 months of hard work that we have spent preparing for them. Additionally, although I understand equity is a priority for school administration, I believe there are better ways to provide equity for the school district than to shut down school completely for two weeks. This decision is incredibly harmful to students and sets us back in preparing for testing and senior year.
Great school district everyone the worlds for the district is extremely supportive of the students! The teachers are great and they work well with the students. The district is ahead of the game, and they know what they're doing. They know how to deal with problems they are faced with and come up with reasonable plans to resolve the issues. The athletics are also great in the district!
It's a pretty nice district academically because we are in an upper-middle-class area surrounded by large tech companies, but non STEM fields suffer because of this.
Education is alright. I am more frustrated with the staff. They make policies, and then proceed to break those same policies.
I've been in the Northshore school district for 11 years and I've been to 4 of there schools 1 elementary 2 middle schools and 1 high school. There is not very much diversity the school district is primarily white students. The district is good at communicating with teachers, students, and parents when there is a problem or there is an opportunity the student can take. The ASL department district-wide is very good with many good teachers. I like being in this school district many of the kids I have met throughout the years have been friendly and made my experience great. The academics at the schools are great I don't like some of the middle school rules but overall the information you learn in the district will stick with you for a lifetime.
Northshore school district is a well above average school district. It is a diverse district compared to others and the overall safety is good. School lunch is school lunch, not much to expect from that. School culture is dependent on specific schools but it isn't very strong if you ask me. I wouldn't know much of how well the sports programs are run but schools do emphasize them. Clubs and activities are also emphasized but I never really got into that. In general though the academics seem up and above standards. Most of the teachers that show up seem to actually care about what they do and for their students.
It's a typical white suburban school, but there is a lot of spirit and overall I felt very safe attending BHS. There is something for everyone.
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I transferred to NSD after living abroad for 5 years, and at first, I was worried that the level of education would not be the same as what I had in Europe. However, I love it here. The teachers are so passionate about what they do, and the students are so motivated to do well, and the counselors are great. There are many opportunities for higher level courses, and lots of ways to connect with peers. However, one thing I struggle with is the diversity, at least at my school. It is a mainly upper-middle class white student body with some students of color, and coming from abroad, it is a lack of diversity I am not used to. However, all in all, NSD is great!
Education-wise, NSD provides great classes and teachers. There are so many different opportunities provided to students. However, the school culture is mediocre, I saw my little brother, who is autistic, get bullied a lot for years. My school has very little school pride. The counseling services are mediocre but I think they could be more well prepared. Overall, I've had a good experience in Northshore.
I am a current student at Bothell High School in the Northshore School District. My experience with my academic career has been all very positive. Every faculty member I have met have been very warm-welcoming and overall very helpful.
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