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Northridge Local School District (Johnstown) Reviews

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All of the teachers and staff are really nice and supportive of all students.
They need to change how the taxes are set up in the levy.
I loved going there. The teachers were so helpful and caring. They really do care about all of their students. Through post-secondary classes, I got 15 credit hours, which is a full semester at college. Thank you, Northridge.
The teachers were very helpful and were able to have a personal connection with you due to the small class sizes. They work with you when you struggle and help you when you fall. The atmosphere is great and everyone knows each other. So many opportunities were given to students while at Northridge.
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I would like so see the bathrooms upgraded and the student parking lot more thought about that entrance to our parking lot is falling about and it need to be replaced. Overall though I love the staff. The staff are nice and encouraging and they want to see all of their student succeed. You do have a lot of choices between sports and classes compared to other schools.
This school has an amazing curriculum as well as a fantastic music program. The athletics have gotten better over the years, but they still aren't the best. If you're looking for a more close-knit community with not a lot of diversity, this is a good school for that.
Northridge is a good school made up of 3 small communities: Alexandria, Hartford, and Homer. It is mostly a small rural school, but unlike many schools of its size it is very forward thinking and offers many advanced classes
I graduated from Northridge a few years ago and I feel as if I was extremely prepared for college. Considering I had a 3.606 GPA and was barely in the top half of my 108 student class, I feel that their academics are more than excellent. the only problem that I ever had with Northridge was the continuous principle change while I was in the 5th through seventh grade, thankfully the problematic principle is no longer a principle.
The teachers and staff are great and really care about students. Unfortunately, the community does not. The facilities are aging, including an elementary school that is nearing 100 years old. The pluming and electric are so outdated that a licensed plumber or electrician cannot "fix" a minor problem. It always becomes a major repair, because it has to be brought up to code, but the residents refuse to pass levy after levy to build a new school.
I love my school. It is small and very in tune with students. Most of the teachers care a lot about your education as do the other students. They offer lots of College Credit Plus Classes to help prepare students for college.
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