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Northridge Local School District (Dayton) Reviews

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Northridge is known for being ghetto but we it also has a very close nit community, after the tornado we were quick to our own rescue.
While the school itself isn't the greatest, the staff and the community are what make this school great! Everyone wants to see the best in students, and most teachers will bend over backwards to help their students.
Some of the teachers really cared about your education. All my teachers made sure that everyone was going to pass even if it means they have to have study groups at the end of the day or during their lunch. I love Northridge I have been there my whole life.
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Northridge is an average school which includes diversity and great safety as they want the best for their students.
As a graduate of a Dayton Public School who now has a child at Northridge, I can say that Northridge offers a number of classes and programs that were not and are not offered in the Dayton Public School system. I have noticed that my son has had teachers who ignore racial issues that the students suffer from at the hands of other students and the lunches are minimal (my sister, who also has children at Northridge, has taken our children food after receiving text complaining about how small their servings were). I do have a problem with the fact that the students are not provided books but are given copies of things that the teacher wants them to read and questions to answer.
I go to Northridge and the teachers try their best to help us and they feel like family. The food is good. The people her try their best to help everyone with whatever they need. I know no one is perfect but they try their best.
Northridge is a disadvantaged school, and that is most of the problem. Most of the kids in the school are not willing to learn, so the teachers don't teach to the best of their ability. Thankfully, I have the opportunity to go to sinclair community college on the college credit plus program. This program really saved me and I love that Northridge also offers college credit classes at the school to give the kids that want to learn a chance to take higher level classes.
The school has its up and downs but it’s a good school the teachers were nice the students can be a pain but the teachers knew how to handle it.
The teachers rarely helped out with our work when we needed help, some would even get mad when you ask a question because if you don't get it the first time then as they would put it "you are not paying attention". Overall the teachers didn't help when i struggled in class and they did not money the kids very well because alot of kids will leave the school during school hours and the teachers won't do anything about it. I highly recommend parents to NOT send your kids here as it is a horrible place for learning and they don't keep track of students very well.
Throughout all my years at Northridge ive had an overall okay experience. Ive participated in many sports which seem to be the heart of this school. Its a small community and that makes for a very homelike feel which is more comforting. Teacher really know and care about students. The only things that I would like to see change would have to be some of our upper Administration to become more understanding and caring.
Northridge is filled with great people who want you to do well and will help you get there. The teachers and administrators are great but the school needs help when it comes to academics and extracurricular activities.
School is somewhat big but everyone know everybody. Some teachers help you prepare for college and some don't.
Northridge is the most diverse school I've attended. The teachers try their best in order to instruct the students and they will help you any chance they get. Though, they can only do so much. We take many tests in this school so the teachers don't have a lot of time to instruct us on other things. If you have D lunch (like me), don't expect to eat a lot of food. They run out very quickly by the time the last lunch rolls around. The administration and the parents aren't involved very much. College is terrifying to all seniors right now. They are doing their best to help us but there are a lot of us and only a few senior advisors. We can improve a lot but it isn't the worst school in the world.
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