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Northport-East Northport Union Free School District Reviews

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I liked the options I had as a student at Northport High School. I was able to be involved in many clubs involving community service, honor societies, the arts, business oriented activities, and more. I always had accommodating teachers and when I needed extra help they would make themselves available.
East Northport is a nice mid sized school district with an award winning marching band. Our school sports department is well known. Especially for winning the 2018-19 New York State Girls Lacrosse Championship.
I have had a very good experience at Northport High School. They are very arts oriented which played to my strengths. I was lucky enough to be able to take fashion design classes which helped me be prepared for getting into the college I have dreamed about, FIT. They also have other rigorous academic classes. There really seems to be something for everyone there!
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Northport has great teachers that make so many great activities happen in the schools. At the high school, an area in the center of the building exists where students can relax during their free time. This is a wonderful place where activities such as commons shows, BOTC contests, etc occur that make kids excited for school
Northport is a great district. The teachers are amazing and want what is best for you and your education.
I loved all of my teachers. There are so many extracurriculars; I am never bored. There are also many elective options. I know I am getting a great education in Northport.
Its a good school with great support. Some teachers I've had are laughable bad but I've also had some of the greatest teachers in the world. The best thing about Northport is the opportunity, there is so many AP and IB classes available for students and the elective choices are amazing. The school defiantly focuses hard on regents and prepare you for them. Its a school with a lot of ability for its students. It does need to be updated though.
The nepotism and favoritism is disgusting, especially in the athletic department. The new AD, Dantuono is an embarrassment to the educational system and shouldn't be aloud to make administrative decisions. Teachers who skate by doing nothing are rewarded and those who work hard and sacrifice are forced out.
I loved the amount of class options we were allowed to choose from when making our class schedules. Although I loved most of my teachers and they taught me a lot, a few teachers were unprepared and unwanting to teach the classes they were assigned to teach. Northport tries to appear that they are an extremely safe campus by making students show their id before entering the building, but I wouldn't consider showing an id a huge safety precaution. Northport also spends too much time and money maintaining their football team, even though they aren't good. They have amazing clubs to join for almost every interest. Although the school is mostly spoiled white kids, I've made some amazing friends and memories.
Northport High School was a decent place. I didn't find much interest in most of the clubs beside Robotics which was run well. Academically it was a very good place as many of the teachers were very kind and knew their taught subjects very well. The school isn't extremely diverse but is mostly accepting of those who are of a difference race or sexuality.
Great district. Lots of extra curricular activities. Many clubs ( lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, badminton, basket ball, French club, Italian club, robotics, theater - to list a few ) with extra perks. Caring teachers ready to help with any questions students might have. Extra help readily available. If you have college in mind there are many great community services students get involved with. Many possibilities to travel the world and experience and / or help others.
Although my children enjoy the N-EN School District and it is a very tight knit community, too many teachers, coaches and administrators live within the district boundaries. This creates an environment where people's interests are not always about the greater good, but that of keeping friends and neighbors happy. Parents of too many students work as teachers & coaches and unfair advantages are often allowed Students are not held to academic or behavioral standards as they would be with a complete stranger. Below average students are pushed along rather than receiving necessary remediation and tutoring.
My four years at Northport High School have been incredible. Growing up, I heard many stories about all of the amazing things Northport HS has to offer. These stories came from my parents, as they both are graduates of NHS. Academically, NHS challenged me with a wide variety of Honors, AP and IB classes. Regardless of the subject area, there were classes that met my specific needs. Electives are limitless at Northport High School. From fashion marketing to child education classes, I had the opportunity to explore different areas. In the end, this allowed me to be able to determine my interests and my future path. Northport High School is comprised of the most spirited student body around. Being part of our cheerleading team throughout high school, and captain in my senior year, I experienced this first hand. I am lucky, proud and honored to have attended Northport High School.
Northport has great staff and education. Middle school introduces kids to sports, after school clubs and many other things. In high school tutoring takes place, as well as raising funds for states and other countries. Every year kids get to spread holiday cheer with patients from a psychiatric center. Northport offers classes with a taste for future careers. Classes like woodworking, design and drawing, arts and craft, small engines, car care, civil engineering and architecture, and drawing & painting. I've come to the conclusion that Northport has a great district and I couldn't be at a better place.
The teachers and staff are great. Very welcoming and the counselours want to help and everyone wants you to succeed. Everyone is very friendly even the janitors.
I love all the challenging classes, especially the AP and IB classes. Teachers are very good and helpful, there are so many extra curricular activities.

As far as change, I think adding more interesting classes for electives is a good idea.
I like the amount of opportunities there are to do what you enjoy and the amount of electives that are offered. There are also some extremely knowledgeable teachers. However, some teachers are really really bad and can destroy you academically and mentally.
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It was a very well involved school district with lots of clubs, activities, and resources to help you become successful once you graduated. The teachers had real life experience in their fields of work and very invested in the students well-being. The class sizes were not too big and not to small.
Teachers are well versed in the material and are very willing to help the students. However, the student body lacks diversity.
I have 2 children in the district. Both attend Northport High School. Their entire school experience has been great. Elementary school and middle school teachers were very involved with their progressions. At the high school it has been very positive. They are both involved in sports and academic activities.
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