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Northmor Local School District is a very small community. I will be graduating with only 68 other seniors. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. One advantage is it is easy to be involved around the school. There is not much competition in clubs or sports teams so most kids that wish to participate can. Another advantage is everyone in the school and community know each other. It is not difficult to fit in at a school this size. One disadvantage is there are not many resources available to students due to lack of funding. Another is many people leave Northmor their junior and senior years to pursue dual enrollment classes. This happens because Northmor does not offer any challenging classes such as AP or Honors. This makes the school days less exciting as less kids are found in the halls. Overall Northmor will offer the average high school experience with a small town twist to it.
Northmor is a small community with a lot of support for academics and athletics . There is a lot of support from the teaching staff.
Northmor is absolutely amazing. They care about the students. They take the time to talk with the students. They understand student struggles and empathize with them.
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Northmor Local Schools is an excellent school. I have grown a lot academically since I have started attending there three years ago. The teachers are all very good at what they do and they are always happy to help students with homework. I have really enjoyed participating in Northmor's show choir, choir, marching band, pep band, concert band, and track. The students at Northmor are all great kids and it is a safe enviroment for all of us. It is a pretty small school so everyone knows each other. I really enjoy going to Northmor sporting events and cheering on my friends. Over all Northmor is a really great school.
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