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Northmont is a very involved school, whether it is sports, arts, or anything else. The staff is very helpful and kind!
One of the nicer schools in my area. But, the principals and teacher for the most part, they don't care about how you're doing. They don't look into issues people are having with staff.
The teachers at Northmont are highly engaged and interested in their students. I would love to see more connection amongst students, but overall Northmont is a wonderful school to go to.
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I think the teachers there were great! They really helped students become responsible and they definitely helped you if you ever needed it. They were really caring and I always felt safe at that school.
I have a great experience as a student in the Northmont City School District. I attended O.R. Edgington for grades K-6 and I attended the Middle School and the High School. During my experience as a high school student at Northmont I have learned a lot and I have had many great teachers that have supported me and made sure that I have gotten all the support I need to learn. I am proud to say that Northmont and their teachers have made an positive impact on me and my life. I am so excited to see what the future holds for me and my own teaching career.
What I like about Northmont City School District is the education. The staff really wanted us to succeed and gave us top notch education. I always learned something new and felt ready for the future. Northmont has prepared me to take charge of my life and be the best I can be. What I would like to change is more support when it comes to deaths of students. One of my really good friends passed away this year and I felt like Northmont should have done more because we struggled with this death, I personally struggled.
As a former student I almost always had good teachers. There were many different classes to choose from in high school, but I feel like there should be more classes relating to life rather than solely academics. There were a variety of different clubs to participate in along with sports.
It’s a very good school and everyone is so nice. Every teacher is so helpful and hardworking. This is school is great, but I just wish they more classes to pick, like classes for occupations.
My experience at northmont was not good mostly because I have a lot of chronic disabilities. I was always absent never getting my work in on time. I was always in out of the hospital. Northmont teachers didn’t.t understand so the would just get rude and nasty. I would like to see is that the teachers change their perspective on things.
Played football and wrestling there and the atmosphere of the school is full of kind people. It is a very Academic School but the students and the teachers still have strong connection.
Northmont school district has ranked the top of their education. They prepare the students for college as well as offering college course level even while attending high school. So when they graduate, they are ahead of the game. We recently had a new high school built with the top technology, top sports facilities and training room, weight room. Every student is up to date on technology with their own individual iPads learning with them on a daily basis. I am a proud, parent, alumni, and current employee at Northmont city schools. Great community and lots to offer for the students, families, and community. Excellent resources to help guide you to your future after high school.
I like all of the teachers and staff that always help the students do well in school. Also, the schools food is really delicious and nutritious.
Many of the teachers are great and seem to want to teach the students. However, they have taken some classes away (i.e. Chinese) which I wish was still available.
I like the teachers. The environment in general is wonderful; the staff and students are generally friendly. There is a wide variety of activities for students of all backgrounds and interests at the high school.
It's been alright going here, I do have a few things that I wish they'd do. Firstly, they're a huge school and the don't recycle, which is a problem. Secondly, I feel like their efforts are in the wrong things. The high school tries very hard to ensure the success of their highest students, but they don't seem to consider their more average ones. I hope to see that change one day.
Lots of opportunities for involvement from a student perspective, school creates a good learning atmosphere and has a very diverse student body.
Northmont is a great school and you gain a great education. The school is a welcoming place and the faculty cares about the students. They encourage the students to do their best and always work hard. Northmont is a great school.
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They just aren’t cutting it anymore. We never close. Some of these teachers really don’t know what they doing. Lunches ain’t it. There are some really great teachers and great things here. The AP classes are great
I would like to see better teachers, as I was alum and I don’t think they prepared me for college well enough
I like that at Northmont the district always tired to make you feel safe. I dislike about Northmont is the food was not very nutritional.
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