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Throughout my 12 years of school at Northland Pines School District, I have been surrounded by kind and caring teachers that have supported me through it all. They understand the hardships of being a student and help to make my life easier with time management and motivation. The teachers really connect with each student and are there to talk about personal problems. I am a senior in the class of 2020 and they have made me feel loved and cared about during this difficult time.
Coming from a school in southern Wisconsin, I was scared to transfer in the middle of high school. However, I quickly found that the learning environment is great, kids are happier, and teachers are very helpful.
The staff and faculty treat you like family. The facility is beautiful! They offer many different unique courses.
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Facility is excellent - clean, spacious, accessibility.
Teachers are very excellent - caring and helpful
Northland Pines sports struggle except for hockey. In a very tough conference for a small school. The coaches do their best with what they are given.
All schools have pros and cons when it comes to cliques, groups of kids being isolated or bullied, however the school tries to be inclusive and encourage outreach to those having a tough time socially.
Great school overall!
Overall, I think that Northland Pines High school is a good school. The teachers and administration work hard to give the students a happy and healthy work environment. My favorite part of my school is the facilities. We are given a huge state of the art gym and workout center that all students may use. Although, I may not always enjoy the school, Northland Pines is a pretty good environment that concentrates on students and employee's happiness
Opportunity for learning by various methods. Small class sizes. New building. Could have broader range of subjects.
The school makes you take fluff classes even when you already have enough credits to graduate. Sometimes they seem to not listen to the student and what theyou want but force thier opinion on the student. One counselor told me that I was going to fail college within the first couple of weeks, she was fired. Overall there are barely 100 kids in each grade so it's more one on one compared to a school with hundreds of kids in a grade. I would not send my kI'd to this school.
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