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What I liked the most would be the teachers and the administrators. All of the teachers that I had in high school/ middle school they all were kind and responsible.
My experience at Northgate has helped shape me into the person I am today. The faculty and my peers have always encouraged me to chase my dreams and helped me anytime I need it. The school is small, which allows you to get to know the teachers in a way that a larger school wouldn't allow. It's a good feeling knowing that the teachers know what you are capable of and they know when to push you to do better because they know what you can handle. Something that really brings the school together is sport.s. The teams become family due to the time we spend together for a long period of time over a span of a few months.
Personally, I have had many good experiences at Northgate. The teachers and staff are very nice and helpful. The drama and chaos can be a lot sometimes and I think they need to discipline better.
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Northgate School District provides students with small class sizes, a friendly, caring environment, and an excellent academic program. The parents and teachers are extremely involved and everyone looks out for one another. I encourage anyone considering moving into the area to visit the school and see for yourself!
People do not realize what they are missing with Northgate. It’s a small district with approachable teachers, and a great sense of community. There are plenty activities to keep children engaged, and we are very happy with the level of education our child is receiving.
We adore this small, close knit community with its caring schools. Everyone knows everyone and watches out for each other’s kids. Teachers and administrators are part of the community and fully invested in the future of their students. Our kids are engaged in so many STEM programs through grants and programs through colleges such as CMU, our new Maker Spaces, and so much more. Everyone raves about the giant school districts just to the north of us, but they are missing out on a gem of a district here. Both parents in our household have higher level degrees in education and could not be happier with Northgate. We also love that the socioeconomic and cultural diversity of the district equips our children to love a world where not everyone is just like them.
Northgate school district is a boutique walking district that allows students the unique opportunity to participate in multiple, varied interests rather than specialize in one sport, hobby, or academic area. Student, faculty, and parent feedback is easy to communicate and the administration is responsive. The socio-economic diversity is beneficial for all families in the district, while the communities of Bellevue and Avalon reap the benefits of thriving, beloved schools to rally around. Truly a unique gem in the center of a large metropolitan area!
I went to Northgate High school 7 to 12 grade.the best school ever. Teachers are so good such nice help. So much opportunities. I also went to aw Beattie career center. For my nursing classes as the long as the student is willing to learn the schools are always the best.
I'd really like to see Northgate improve on college readiness because no matter what sport you play or how many clubs you're in at some point you're going to have to think about college and I feel like a lot of Northgate kids aren't prepared enough.
I love the Northgate district because is is such a small school. The size classes are small, and it is easier to learn that way. The teachers are very helpful with all students.
Northgate High School is a melting pot of opportunity for all students. Most student hold a GPA of 3.6-4.0 while participating in multiple sports and extracurricular activities, such as student council, national honor society, and french club. I would like to see Northgate offer more college visit days for seniors.
I like playing sports and I like my teachers but I would like more security cameras & dog searches for drugs & more classes for college credits
The Northgate School District wasn't a bad school. I still attended under the old Superintendent so the school was not good at the time but things should be better now that there is a new one. The food wasn't good and academically it wasn't the best but certain teachers cared about out education and it ended up well.
Northgate isn't your typical higschool. One thing I will say about my experience there is that I didn't face the problem of cliques. Everyone anyone talked to everyone and anyone. You are accepted at Northgate. Another thing is that its a community school. Its heavily involved in the community and the same goes for the community. We come together to make the neighborhood a better place.
I've been in Northgate School district my whole life. And for the most part it's a fairly decent school. The teachers are great, the academics aren't horrible, and the people are alright. However, I do wish there was more of a diversity throughout the district. And perhaps more clubs that would be beneficial to more students.
My overall experience has well exceeded what I image most other high school students in other school districts get to experience. Of course we have had bumps in the road, but who hasn't? At Northgate I can play three sports, be a member of the band, NHS, Student Council, and a student trainer. The diversity we have and freedom to be anything I want to be at Northgate is like no other. They are teaching us how to be well rounded individuals who can think for themselves.
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