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Northfield Public School District Reviews

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Northfield is a wonderful school when you are interested in the arts. The school balances art with sports and I never felt like either group got more attention or money than the other. The school overall is super welcoming to all interests. The only thing I hope will change in Northfield is more school spirit!
I like the people and the help they provide to all there students. They have very great opportunities for everyone along with many great clubs and sports. Staff are all very supportive of everyone and are willing to help in anyway they can.
Northfield school district works hard each and everyday to make sure every student feels safe and included. I have enjoyed my 11 years in the Northfield School District.
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Great school in a great town. I have enjoyed the opportunity to enroll in AP classes and to take courses at the local colleges. My teachers, for the most part, have shown that they care about me as a student and I feel like I have been supported throughout my academic career.
A great school that ranks top ten in the state with rigorus academics and a lovly support system in place for its students. It's constently trying ot modrenize with senseabilty and use the tools at its disposal for its students
I moved to the Northfield Public School District on the first day of my freshman year, and enjoyed the majority of my time there until the day a graduated. One of the things that the councilors wanted us to take from the high school experience was to make sure to leave a great example for those following in our footsteps and I hope I've done just that.
Looking back at the past four years at Northfield Senior High, I can say for the most part, I enjoyed my time here. The teachers here are very understanding and are determined to getting the student to understand. What I didn't like about the school, is how left-winged bias it was in its teachings, and how old and crummy the building has gotten over time.
Teachers are very nice, and understanding. I have really started to understand the best way for me to learn, and it’s because of the school.
Nice and calm studying environment. Always striving to stay drug-free and the commitment of the whole community to keep our children safe at school
I had an excellent experience at Northfield. I loved the staff and students. I felt very ready for college, but miss the days of being in high school. I was very involved in sports and that provided me with a lot of lasting friendships. I felt I could talk to my professors at any time by scheduling office appointments.
I loved the learning environment. All of my teachers were engaging, cared about their subject, and cared about the kids learning the subject.
I loved northfield high schools special education program. I had the best case managers, and EA's, everyone did everything they could to help anyone succeed. All the NHS staff were kind and hardworking. I couldn't have asked for a better HS. They helped me graduate early to start my cosmetology college early!
I've never personally had a problem with Northfield. They do their best to make students feel welcome and provide them with what is needed to be successful. However the a lot is based upon who you know in town. Recognition requires connections in the right places.
The staff, teachers,community members,volunteers, and all really know how to grow and adapt to the current needs of Northfield. I have had a great experience as a student,staff,and parent.
The Northfield School District has great facilities and teachers. Students learn in a safe, encouraging environment. The faculty are generally younger, and understand and utilize technologies including iPads and online submission. The district office is considerate and the school board is attentive to current community concerns.
Northfield Schools offer good academic programs along with rigorous AP classes which students can participate in. Along with academics, Northfield Schools offers a lot of sport and extracurricular activities as well.
As a private school teacher, I send my kids to Northfield Public Schools. The teachers are incredible, the co-curriculars, led by professionals in their field, and the community among the students is beyond any I've seen.
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I thought the education was very high quality, teachers were knowledgeable and helpful. The high school could use an update.
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