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This isn’t a bad school although it is not rather one i would choose. number one vaping has become a big issue in the school and i think the way the district is handling it is in a wrong way, they are still deciding to make rules and involving court and they are right for this but shouldn’t the parents know their children are doing these things, i think we need to be checking lockers and bags for them and then it wouldn’t be such a problem. number two the diversity, this looks like a huge problem in the school environment is not healthy for young kids/teens for one there was a leak and i think there is mold growing, the girls locker room is absolutely disgusting, and the bathrooms are filled with rude and hurtful comments on the walls. in my opinion the school needs to clean up their school in general. and number. three extra curricular‘s, there is a variety of sports all and all i am looking into switching schools due to the environment and the cleanliness of the school.
There was a sense of a tight knit community. Most teachers were very approachable and there were opportunities for everyone with the passion to make an impact on the community.
I enjoyed my time at northern high and enjoyed everything from sports to academics. The teachers for the most part are willing to help anyone who needs such. The sport and club opportunities are fairly good but I think theirs opportunity for more to be available.
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I would say that Northern School District is a pretty good school overall. I have had many good experiences with people there and the academics are good. There are many extra clubs and other things that make it easy to be involved with the school community. The sport teams at Northern are good/decent and easy to be a part of. Almost everyone at Northern is supportive of the students and try to make it the best school possible.
Great athletic experience as well as academic, but some sustainable changes are needed. Our cafeteria should be composting food scraps and stop using styrofoam trays for our teachers convenience. Also, I believe that we should enforce better discipline in our school, kids can get away with things too easily.
I am a recent graduate of Northern York County School, The past few years i went there i really loved it. All the kids got along with each other and the teachers were amazing they never made class boring. It was very easy to get along with all the diversities.
I had a great time in high school while playing football and tennis! The teachers were caring and intuitive. I made some great friends and memories that I will cherish forever!
The community of the school was a very welcoming community, as well as invited many new people in. The events that were put on throughout the school were not inclusive and made you feel welcomed. The one thing that could be changed however was the punishment system, teenagers were not given the correct punishment for the amount of damage and for the things that occur within that school.
What I like about Northern York County School District is that it so positive. The people there are so amazing and really want to see me succeed in life. They are willing to stay after school to help me understand a topic, they help me to get back to normal after a sports related injury, and they always have conversations with me before, during, and after school about life. I love Northern because it is such a good environment that makes me feel comfortable and supported in everything that I do. They also recognize those who do above and beyond in a certain field. They are motivational and make me feel appreciated inside and outside of the school. The only thing I would like to see change is the student's appreciation. People sometimes treat the teachers and building with disrespect; they do not realize that they are lucky to attend school so I hope that sometime soon, the people that attend Northern will realize how lucky they are.
Small school with good facilities and decent teachers. Sports programs are good and the clubs are plentiful. Prepared me for college and I enjoyed going to most of my classes.
I love the commitment that each teacher puts into each and every student. However, I feel as though the school could improve on the curriculum itself. The workload could be increased, which may help with college readiness even more.
I liked the teachers and I had many very fun experiences there. There are issues with bullying here and there but i think it’s over all a safe environment.
I really appreciate the balance Northern allows between academics, athletics, and the arts. It had always been made clear to the students that the teachers and administration realize that we will not all take traditional career or college paths. In this, they seem more accommodating and flexible than what my peers from other schools seem to experience.
Northern was a great place to attend high school. It's small enough that you can get involved in a lot of different activities. They provide a decent amount of electives in multiple areas of studies. The faculty are great; they're helpful and get to know you personally.
Northern is full of teachers who are very qualified and very determined to see every student succeed. My overall experience was great and I am very blessed to know I had all the opportunities I did. The only thing I wish northern had is more language classes like Italian or German.
Awesome Teachers and Staff, events were always abundant, the possibility to create was always there, and the learning never got boring. The only thing I would like to see happen is that they stop screwing around with the tech department. They recently outsourced their homegrown tech department in favor of an outsource. This was the only negative I held against Northern.
There are plenty of great teachers as well as some not so great teachers, with many in between. Overall, this was a decent school to attend, but the education and programs could have been better.
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From start to finish the community within this small town school amazed me. I was nothing short of inspired by just how well everyone is able to gel together from all walks of life. Not a single teacher failed to help me along and keep my grades strong. With such a small school population it is exteemely easy to form meaningful bonds with your teachers. I never experienced a feeling of isolation in all 11 years of my experience in northern. There was always a way to do more in school. Programs like deca and model UN are only two of a handful of fantastic clubs to challenge and discover yourself.
I've had a great experience at northern. A few blah teachers but many more great ones! Great buildings and outstanding principle/leaders. Good sports programs/teams not the greatest.
Northern is a great place to go to school. The teachers are great and the extra curricular activity opportunities are top notch.
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