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I have been a student in this district for my whole educational career. I have had some pretty amazing teachers. I have learned a lot and overall, I feel like my educational experience was very positive.
Northern York is a very well rounded school. There is a lot of diversity and everyone is very kind and caring. All the teachers try their hardest to make a personal bond with each student, and on top of that all of our principals are beyond amazing. They know everyone and interact with everyone all the time, they're not just sitting in their offices all day. They're always out in the halls interacting with us, asking us how we're doing and how our day has been. Overall, I would say Northern york is a very good school.
Northern York County School District, from kindergarten to senior year my experience has been very rewarding in school and in the community. I have learned and grown in the classroom, but as I have reached the point of leaving I have realized they have not prepared us for real life experiences, they keep us in a little bubble of minimal success and not long term goals.
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Northern York County High School has a philosophy of rounded learning that I think all school districts should take. They look at the entire student and not just sports or academics. They put emphasis on an excellent music program. They also have top notch teachers who care about the whole student just not about grades. I am lucky to be going to this school.
the administration is unable to preform their jobs and make the school a happy place or helpful for students. would never send my kids here.
The staff and students are accepting of all. The only thing I would change would be providing transportation for students after school so everyone could participate in sports and clubs.
It is a excellent school, that provides many opportunities to learn and grow as a person. The teachers are great and always help when it is needed. They have their best interest for each and every student. The sports have good equipment and a good coaching staff.
I would like to see the teachers and administration focus more on preparing students for college and not on the politics of sports.
There needs to be a change when it comes to the way the school handles bullying. There also needs to be a change in the way the students are allowed to get away with way too much.
I loved my friends here. The administration has made some questionable decisions. Most recently we have started a three year transition to block scheduling. The transition involves a trial flex schedule, a trial block schedule, and finally a full block schedule. Nobody wants this. It will punish the academically focused students for a handful of misbehaving students.
The school can be a great environment on days, but the don't know how to control the temperatures. Love the agriculture classes they offer and the freedom of choosing your own schedule.
My experience at Northern was great! Many of the teachers care about you and if you are honest and do your work many are more than willing to work with you if you need help. If you take a class and it ends up being to hard for you, you can change to another one. The counselors are great, and all three are different so if you don't connect with one your supposed to talk to you can try another. The one thing I would change if I could would be for the teachers to understand us a little more and the 20% of the student body who are not even a little friendly, though the rest are quite nice.
My experience at the Northern York County School District has been a very good one overall. The teachers work hard in and out of the classroom trying to support every single kid and push them to be the best student and person they can be. The students are all great, too. Everyone is in full support of eachother in and out of school. The school finds ways to make things less stressful for students and break up the monotony of the school year. Administration sets up things like spirit week and pep rallies. The athletics are great at Northern, too. There is a lot of support from the community to all the events. The coaches are very supportive of all the players and push them to their limits so they perform on the field and are prepared for life after athletics. Northern York overall is a very good place to be apart of and I would recommend it to everyone.
Northern High School is a good school for the area it is in. The teachers and guidance counselors really are phenomenal but administration isn't the best.
Generally a good experience. Northern is a pretty typical school with a decent educational experience. This is an interesting survey for a scholarship chance.
I’ve always loved this place. Sure it can be frustrating like any school, but I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else
This school is well above average, but of course not perfect. Good teachers outweigh bad teachers by far, but there is still a select few. When I did have troubles with teachers, I was able to talk to my principal and everything was settled. The principal is an outstanding person who seeks every students needs. Sports are amazing here, my cross country team was division champions the last 2 years, and the girls qualified for states. The school is not diverse but we do get a handful of foreign exchange students each year. Safety is a big thing at northern, we do drills for inside intruders, and lockdown drills. We also have an armed security guard in the school at all times.
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I believe that the Northern York County School Districts has been a wonderful place to improve my academic career. I have learned important lessons that have improved my essay writing, my knowledge about our country, and a new language that will help me if I decide to study abroad in college. The district is a very welcoming and all of the teachers are willing to take time to help you with everything. Many of the teachers are involved in clubs and sports, so we have gotten to know them outside of the classroom. Many times you will even see them at sporting events or concerts, to show their support for the students in the community. One thing that has been the most enjoyable and helpful in our district is our guidance counseling department. Not only do they listen when you are have a problem, but they help you with scheduling issues and college decision making. I cannot express how much this department has helped me, especially this year as I prepare for college.
Northern York is a great school full of people who want to see you succeed. I am happy with the general atmosphere of the school and how involved the staff is. Northern also has a large variety of sports, clubs, and other programs that make high school more enjoyable.
This isn’t a bad school although it is not rather one i would choose. number one vaping has become a big issue in the school and i think the way the district is handling it is in a wrong way, they are still deciding to make rules and involving court and they are right for this but shouldn’t the parents know their children are doing these things, i think we need to be checking lockers and bags for them and then it wouldn’t be such a problem. number two the diversity, this looks like a huge problem in the school environment is not healthy for young kids/teens for one there was a leak and i think there is mold growing, the girls locker room is absolutely disgusting, and the bathrooms are filled with rude and hurtful comments on the walls. in my opinion the school needs to clean up their school in general. and number. three extra curricular‘s, there is a variety of sports all and all i am looking into switching schools due to the environment and the cleanliness of the school.
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