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it was such a great school with caring teachers and an amazing academic system. They knew just how to involve students and create an awesome learning environment.
I believe Northern Wells Community Schools has it’s pros and cons, but for me, my experience in this district has been pretty good. I’ve developed a last name for myself to the point that people treat me differently because of it. Most of the school faculty and students know exactly who I am and what I like to do. Establishing these closer relationships and connections with so many people has made going through school easier and more enjoyable.
Special needs children get alot of attention at this school but the nt children do not accept the special needs children very well because they don't understand what the problem is. Explain what being special needs is.
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very nice and clean school. Recently updated. Office staff very friendly. School is on the smaller side but updated. Many teachers have been there for many years. Same with the coaches. Football staff seems to be too large.
It's pretty good academically, but the students are not very accepting if you're different in any way from them.
the school is too technology based, i understand that technology is the future but for the past two years i've been here i i've barely used pencil and paper. and most of the teachers are subpar and rely too much on the technology and videos to teach for them rather than explaining topics
Northern Wells Community Schools is a very tight-knit, friendly school corporation. The teachers are excellent! They genuinely care about each of their students and go the extra mile to make sure each unique need is met.
My experience at Northern Wells Community schools was great! The teachers form bonds with the students and the administration really works with students on future goals, or any conflicts they might have. There are no actual "clicks" because for the most part everyone gets along and talks with each other. Recently the high school was updated and now is even more safe, than it was before. Sports and the arts are appreciated highly here. Show Choir and band are extremely good and win many awards. Academics are valued highly there and teachers will work with you to ensure you do well. Advance classes are offered with teachers who are certified to teach the courses through IPFW. It is truly a wonderful place to be a part of!
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