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Northern Valley Regional High School District Reviews

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NVD is by no means a bad school, but it’s very competitive. It’s not uncommon to see students overworking themselves to the point of only getting an hour or two every night. The average number of AP courses students take over all four years of high school is 7, which is a lot. Mental health is often sacrificed for a higher GPA, a better looking college transcript, etc. This seems to be the case with most schools in the area though.
I loved that NVD teachers do everything they can as teachers to help you succeed. They show that they really care, and it is really up to students to take advantage of all the opportunities that NVD has to offer. The school really prepares students on college readiness. As a senior about to graduate, I can say that I do not regret anything regarding my studies.
There are some changes that I wish the administration would make, but these are just personal opinions regarding school policies and do not really reflect on how the administration's performance, which is pretty good.
Northern Valley was an amazing high school to go to. There were teachers that cared a lot about their students. However, they lack diversity and guidance counselors could use some work. It was a fun time going to school there and I don't regret it for one second.
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Overall, the school is very good and encouraging, getting students ready for college. However, not all aspects are perfect as not all the teachers are the best and the food is usually expensive.
The Northern Valley Regional School District is a very developed, well funded and high-rated school system. The district blends high academic standards with vast opportunities for involvement, which I enjoy taking advantage of. The staff, including the teachers and administration, are very close with the student body and make every effort to better our learning environment. I personally enjoy connecting with teachers and learning things beyond the curriculum. The one thing I would change is the focus of curriculum, which is mildly outdated and generic.
NVD provides an excellent competitive College Prep experience. A good selection of clubs available. Can prepare kids for all levels of college including extremely competitive while also offering college prep classes with Special Education support teacher in some classes giving seamless CP graduation from highly rated school. Advisors are knowledgeable.
A wonderful school with an emphasis on technology and student centered learning. The teachers are well educated and genuinely care about their students and teaching them. The school is clean, has a hardworking student body, and a caring faculty.
Personally, Northern Valley Regional high school at Old Tappan strengthened my writing and studying skills. Having graduated last year, I feel that I am extremely ready for college and I can only thank NVOT and its wonderful staff for this.
Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest provided good preparation for college. Although there were not many AP classes offered compared to other high schools.
Academics are excellent! Sports need a little improvement. Music & theater programs are outstanding. Teaching staff is extremely knowledgeable.
When I was a freshman, my Assistant Principal told us in an assembly that NVD would become our home away from home. He could not have been more correct! I love my school, and have thrived here. Because of NVD, the teachers, administrators, coaches and students, I truly will be ready for college this fall. I have experienced not only the best, but adversity as well. NVD taught me to overcome the adversity, and build on the best moments. As a young woman in today's society, I am not afraid, I know that I can do anything, and am ready for the next step in my life.
Northern Valley Demarest was a great experience. I had a great time spending my four years of highs school, valuing my education, playing sports, and meeting new friends.
The majority of the teachers are professional and caring. The classes are rigorous and their is a very competitive atmosphere. The classes, however, are not weighted differently based on CPE and CP classes, which is a disadvantage.
Rated the best school for technology , nvd stands for academic excellence . We have great professors for all our subjects and one of the best sports fields in the district . I would encourage more diversity and would want more kids to take part in atheletics. It has prepared me for college readiness and I am off next year to pursue my dreams
This school is full of students who really want to achieve the very best. The only complaint I have of this school was that it had a severe lacking of diversity. Overall, this school provided students with a lot of extracurricular activities, SAT prep, and preparation for college.
The school brings many great opportunities, but the school needs to work on their policies. What I mean that is, their administrators take the word "austere" to a whole new level. I guess something I can say on the more positive side is that the music department is amazing. In conclusion this school welcomes you with open arms, but one you get settled in you see some things that is worth debating for change.
Spent 4 years at this school. One of the best high schools in NJ, a leader in technology for sure & prepares you for college
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I loved all of my teachers and staff. I think my school offers a wide selection of classes and if they don't have a class for it then there is most likely a club. I loved our school spirt however I wish that there were more trips and activities for us to do.
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