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I've been attending Wisconsin Virtual Learning (WVL) since my Sophomore year. I have nothing but good things to say about it! WVL has offered a wonderful education for me and has grown every year with new tactics to make our experience as students even better. I'm beyond grateful for the work all of the staff has put in. All the extra office hours they've offered and the extra help given to each student when needed. I may not be driving to school each day, but WVL has done it's best to still include socializing in our lives. I can't say enough good things about WVL. What I know is that if you're considering an online school in Wisconsin, WVL is the one to be in.
I have been enrolled in the Northen Ozaukee School District for the past 6 years. Since our school is so small, I feel like most of the teachers are an extension of my family. I like the fact the the campus is small and I can even attend most of my little sisters events, because she is so close. I also love the community involvement; It seems that there is always a strong outreach from the community memebers which is very important.
Northern Ozaukee was a great, and friendly school. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a small, and personal school.
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While I felt it was a pretty normal high school experience, The teachers there could have been more Invested into trying to individualizing learning while it was a smaller school. I felt as though they tried to clump every student together and it wasn't the best atmosphere for learning. While there were definitely some teachers who went above and beyond their duties it was mainly a school looking to show off how they looked and not for the students learning.
Had many good not so much. Teachers have to watch their step as its become a culture of "its who you do, not what you do..." that matters. Diversity, being different, stepping outside the box to achieve & seek unique experiences was applauded, recognized, honored, and the norm. Unruly "special" kids & their families rule that place.
When I was there the atmosphere was very unruly. I was unable to reach my full potential. Most of the teachers that taught me have now moved on to other schools, but some were not able to keep students in line. Others just did not care that some students were being disruptive.
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