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I love that I got to send my children to a "small town" school. We are referred to as "children of the corn". The school did a video last year about what it's like to be a General (mascot). They interviewed dozens of kids and the overwhelming theme was family.

I think I would change the level of academics. I would love to see more focus on the future of technology. Sheridan is no where in the ballpark on technology and science like other schools. Sheridan focuses on agriculture and sports. It is the culture, yes, but it would be amazing to see a shift toward the STEM movement.
Before I moved away from going here kids here were outright rude. If you didn't do any Sports you weren't popular. If you reported someone you were a baby. If you weren't in the advance classes you were dumb. If you were being bullied you had to deal with it by yourself. If you were poor you didn't have many friends because you didn't have money. If you were gay or bisexual you were weird. If you were depressed you were a attention seeker. This school wasn't like this before everyone saw what people put on social media and thought that is how it is ment to be but no they put on a fake face on just to please people so they will get noticed.
My experience as an middle school student at Sheridan, was great. All staff members in the middle school, are very cooperative, nice, funny and overall great people.
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Love the art program, Mr. Gioffre is a great person. He not only helps the student with there creative side but also helps to support them mentally. He has helped so many through there daily heartships.
I haven’t had a great experience at sheridan high school. I have enjoyed most of my teachers and almost all of the teachers I’ve had are quite passionate about their job. Sheridan’s academics are good for being a school in the middle of a cornfield but could definitely improve. There is zero diversity at this school and most people in the community are very closed-minded. Anything that is considered taboo is very much looked down upon at this school. There are not many genuine people here, but I suppose that’s everywhere.
I liked going to high school and knowing all of my classmates and the classroom size was perfect for learning. I also enjoyed the variety of classes that were available to us, it has prepared me for college. The best part about our school is the community involvement and how everyone supports each other. I think our school could improve on it’s safety and how they plan to prevent an emergency situation.
The support from both the staff and the community is so great. The pride and school spirit everyone has in this district is what makes Northern Local School District feel like a family. Although the diversity lacks, the involvement in sports and clubs allows people of all backgrounds come together as one.
Teachers are very attentive to students and their needs. They do their best to help the children in any way possible. The staff is very nice and really try to get to know you.
This District has an excellent staff and Agriculture Program, although student rights aren't always put first with the administration's agenda.
I love the school. A lot of time to hang with friends and teachers. You can get education done. They have great working environments.
My years at Northern Local School District was very educational and fun. The teachers are great and their really interested in getting you a good education. I made a lot of good friends and we always had fun playing sports together and just having classes together. I played football and I have to say that I learned a lot about being a team, and what it takes to succeed. Northern Local has made me the person I am today and I thank them for a great experience.
Northern Local is a small school district with a very tight knit community... made of mostly white people.
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